Jobs For 16 Year Olds

The good news is that at 16, you are just starting your career, and you can get some seriously valuable experience if you know what kind of jobs to take. In fact, if you are the sort of person who has already proven quite talented at something, don’t put that on hold to start working in an office or restaurant. Try to think of a way to make that talent work for yourself in a setting where you get paid for it.

Babysitting, Pet Care, and Nanny Jobs For 16 Year Olds

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At 16 adults will place a lot of trust in you to take care of their children and pets while they work, travel, or go on a date. Learn about what it takes to become a babysitter or nanny and get started today.

Work Online

The internet is a really powerful tool for business and commerce. You can get in on its ability to connect people. Here are some leads for you to consider.


Likewise, with technology, jobs for 16 year old’s have never been easier. If you enjoy writing, a number of different companies offer the chance to compose things like search engine optimized content for their clients, meaning that you can write a few different 500-world articles a week and get paid for it. If you are good at writing and want something that is less service-oriented, this kind of freelancing writing work can be a great way to start out.

For a job that really involves technology, think computers. If you know a little bit of CSS and HTML and can do some programming, you can start your own web design company and see how it goes. If you’re a bit better at programming, try your hand at creating an iPhone app. And if you are looking for jobs for 16 year olds that require less general programming, there’s always the possibility of simply advertising yourself as a tech guru in the community and helping people with tasks like learning to set up their scanners, helping them troubleshoot computer problems, and simply installing and upgrading software. And all of that definitely pays more than working at a drive-thru or in an office.


Anyone can be a model, or work in the movies at any age, this is the unique part of being a model. Hours and pay for this sort of work are based on what advertisers need. If you want to become a model it starts with creating a profile where advertisers and movie casting professionals can find you. From there, the path is up to you depending on the type of work you are really interested in.


If you have a particular skill you want to learn, then there are also a lot of unconventional jobs for 16 year olds that focus more on training and less on pay, but pay off big in the long run. Consider asking someone to apprentice, meaning that you would help them out at their work in exchange for the skills. This is a great way to learn something more complicated, like woodworking, basket weaving, or even gourmet cooking. And then you can take those skills and really apply them later.

How Much Can I Work

As a 16 year old you are generally not restricted in the hours or days that you can work. You are however limited to jobs that are considered non-hazardous by the US Department of Labor. To verify the rules in your state consider visiting the State Labor Laws resource maintained by the DOL.


Where Can I Work

Since the number of hours you can work is generally not limited many, many employers are interested in hiring you. For employers you represent a relatively cheap employee since you are just starting your career. There are generally three paths that 16 year old’s take at this point.

  1. Working as an employee
  2. Working as a volunteer
  3. Starting a small business

Working as an employee is where you search a website like this one to find jobs that local employers want to fill. This generally involves some searching, interviews, and then working specific hours as scheduled by your new employer. Most people take this path, though the others may be better for you.


Working as a volunteer generally involves finding a local charity and taking a position with that charity. Some positions are paid while others are truly volunteer positions. Only a fraction of the opportunities you will find with local charities involve yard work, contrary to what you might thing. There are volunteer opportunities in everything from marketing to stocking to computer work to creating websites.

Starting a small business is something many people early in their career consider. As someone new to the workforce you have likely done small jobs for your family or neighborhood already. In doing so you already know what it means to be an entrepreneur, even if you did not take it seriously. This path can take time to get going but the potential monetary rewards are far beyond the other two options.

How to Search For Jobs

You are at a great place for finding jobs as a 6 year old. Start with the search bar up top. Enter the town or city you want to work in, and how far around it you are willing to drive around it, then start searching. You can enter specific companies you want to work for, or a job title you are interested in. If you see a job you like, APPLY! Applying for jobs is the first step in being considered for them.

What Jobs Can I Give Myself

There are so many possibilities when it comes to starting your own small business. Start by considering the things you like to do and any particular strengths you have. Then make a list of possibilities. Now, consider whether people in your area or on the internet will pay you for that… if so, you have an idea to go with.

Some ideas will have you working in your neighborhood like yard work, babysitting, dog walking, and simple construction. Other ideas will have you working across the world if, for example, you sell your products or consult with people via the internet. Maybe you are a writer or a singer or a musician and you are wondering what to do with that… start taking videos and get them up on YouTube. You might be the next Lindsey Stirling, Jasmine Thompson, Nicole Cross, Devin Graham (devinsupertramp), or Eric Thomas.

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