Why Teens Aren’t Finding Jobs, and Why Employers Are Paying

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Here is an article about the declining number of teenagers in the workforce, and some of the possible factors behind it.

Interesting piece, but it starts, “What do Warren Buffett, Walt Disney and Ross Perot all have in common? Besides being iconic American businessmen, all three have “newspaper carrier” on their boyhood resumes. But don’t bother looking for leaders of tomorrows corporate America to be walking down your block at dawn: Your newspaper carrier today is most likely an adult in a car.

As recently as 1990, nearly 70% of newspaper carriers in the U.S. were teens. But that number dropped to 18% in 2004, and more declines are likely, according to Robert Rubrecht, director of circulation and marketing at the Newspaper Association of America.”Its an evolutionary process,” he says.”

A terrible example of the declining number of teens working, but interesting stuff at the end about private/public partnerships in Boston