Where Are The Snow Shovelers?

Category : My First Job

It hasn’t snowed yet here in Philadelphia, but when it does, are you going to be ready to shovel?

Florence Shay writes, “What happened to all the youngsters carrying snow shovels who would ring the bell to ask whether you wanted your driveway cleared? I haven’t seen one in years. Did the snow-blower make the entrepreneur obsolete? I’d love to see a team of young shovelers when the snow is less that 4″ deep. True, my husband goes out with the shovel (snow blowers are for sissies) and does the job, feeling empowered by his success.”

Neil Steinberg writes in the Sun-Times, about the likelihood of teens asking to shovel his driveway, “In my dreams. The odds of something like that actually happening are about the same as Jessica Alba stopping by to read the meter. All the youngsters in my — well, it isn’t so leafy of late — snowy suburban paradise are so stuffed with cash from their over-indulgent parents that the last thing they need to do is stir from the sofa and go out into the cold to earn a little folding money.”

I’m looking at you Chicago area teens…