Using Your Time More Efficiently While Working

Category : My First Job

When you’re young and in school, the last thing you’ll want to do is work when the day finishes.  You probably feel like you spend all day learning and just want to have some time for yourself.  Contrary to popular belief, having a part time job apart from your everyday activities may actually help you to utilize your time more efficiently.  When you have more to do, you are forced to learn how to manage the time that you have.  If you think that having a part time job apart from school will make you procrastinate even more, think again and give having a job a try.

Having a part time job after school can only help teenagers.  One of the biggest benefits to having a job apart from school is learning how to more efficiently and effectively manage your time.  If you have from 3:00 pm until you go to bed to do whatever you want, you often put off doing your homework until the last minute.  During the school day, you probably use your recess and free time to talk with your friends and take a break from school.   But if you know that after school you have to go to work and may not have much time to study, you will probably plan ahead and work hard to get all your assignments done in a timely fashion.

Furthermore, having an after school job provides you with much more than just time management skills.  Your first job is often the first time that you have authority above you other than your parents.  Learning how to follow rules and regulations gives you experience other than just work experience.  You will learn how to obey authority and be disciplined.  As a teenager, this is a valuable lesson that must be learned before adulthood.

Another way that having a job as a teenager is valuable is learning responsibility.  The first time that children earn their own money, they can learn to appreciate the value of the dollar and how to spend it on the things that have importance.  As most teenagers depend on their parents for much support, learning how to budget and manage their spending is priceless.

A final way that having a job at a young age is beneficial is pure experience.  Often, after high school, employers begin to look for previous work experience when hiring employees.  Whether your job is in construction, a restaurant or an office job, having work experience will always help you.  Furthermore, future employers will have references to contact in order to see what kind of an employee you are.  If you are a good employee, this will always help you in getting a job.

As long as your grades do not drop and you can maintain a social life with your friends and family, getting a part-time job after school only has benefits.  You will learn to manage your time, take on responsibility and get job experience.

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