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During June, July and August, many high school students start the job search in order to save money that will hopefully last them their entire year.   As most live with their parents and are provided food for the months they are in school, a teenager’s expenses are minimal.  Because of this, working for three months can often provide a teenager with enough spending money for the entire year.  There are several jobs for teenagers that are specifically meant for the summer season and require little to no previous experience.  Some are aimed towards boys, some towards girls and some for anybody who may be looking for a job.

Having a summer job when you’re a teenager has a wide variety of.  First and foremost, it provides children with a bit of extra spending money instead of completely relying on their parents for support.  Secondly, this keeps children entertained and busy during their time off from school.  Often times, if a child is bored all, he or she may turn to other forms of entertainment, such as drugs and alcohol, that may be dangerous and could be avoided.

Online Jobs

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Nanny, Babysitter

MyFirstPaycheck Babysitting Guide

A very common summer job for young men and women is babysitting.  When parents have children that are in school, but they have full time jobs, they will need a babysitter for the summer months when the kids are on vacation.  This job often entails taking children to the park, preparing lunch or taking the kids to the pool.  It is a fun job that also teaches the responsibilities of having children and what tasks are involved in being a parent.  Children can play mom or dad for a summer, getting much more out of the job than just money.  They will learn how to be responsible young adults and learn what it’s like to have others depending on them. Read our guide on how to get started as a babysitter.


There are all kinds of summer jobs that are available for teenagers.  Whether you have experience or not, there is always a job available for somebody that is willing and wanting to work.  One very common summer job for adolescent boys in the summer is in the construction field.  Construction work is more common during the summer months, making a perfect job for teenagers on summer vacation.  You can work in road construction, hang drywall or paint office buildings.  These jobs generally pay well and provide teenagers with more than enough spending money for a period of time.


A third common summer job is working in a restaurant.  Restaurants tend to be busier during the summer months, providing thousands of teenagers with the perfect summer job.  Whether it’s a waitress position, being a busboy or washing dishes, working in a restaurant is a great option for a summer job.

No matter what the job is, having a summer job as a teenager does more than just provide money.  It provides children with self esteem, responsibility and job experience.  If you have teenage children that are on summer break, encourage them to work during their months off to help in life lessons in the long run.

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