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A good first job is hard to find. Many times kids will get lucky and have a connection, whether it is their parents or their friends’ parents, who help them to have their first job. However, even if you don’t have a connection to a job (or simply choose not to use it) you can still find one that is interesting and well paid if you know where to look. By considering your interests and what could be a stimulating position you can start narrowing your focus and then modify your search accordingly. Your first job may not be your dream job, but you can find a good one if you are motivated to do so.

Check out some of these resources to start to identify the teen job for you.

Employers know that because this is your first job you will most likely need to be handled with patience. However they are investing not in your experience but in the potential experience you will acquire. Therefore don’t be intimidated by the fact you don’t have experience, let them know that it’s actually to their advantage. You can be molded into the best worker if they give you the chance. If you demonstrate you are hardworking and motivated they’ll be a lot more likely to hire you, even without the experience. Although having a fluffed up resume looks good on paper you can ensure the employer you have what it takes to develop those sort of skills.

Get prepared with your resume and tips for your interview below.

If you have an idea of a potential job interest it is a lot easier to focus your search and find one that you will be content with. If you know more or less what area you are looking for a job you can do the research to find an opening instead of just searching for whichever opportunity comes you way. For example, if you know you want to work in the clothing and fashion industry you can begin asking around in different local boutiques, print out a resume and them out, and look in windows for any “Position open” signs. These opportunities exist, but if you aren’t paying attention and don’t know where to look your ideal first job could pass you by.

If your having a hard time landing a job because of your age see our resources below for ideas.

You can also look in local newspapers for ideas of where to apply. Different advertisements can give you different clues of what areas of town to look in, who is hiring and what the style of that particular store is. Image has a lot to do with whether you will get hired. It sounds superficial, but if you are decked out in Goth clothing and go to a Lily Pulitzer store there’s a good chance you’re not going to get hired, even if you were to have the most impressive resume in the world. You have to be aware of the type of person the store you want to work looks for and modify your image a little to fit that. If a store is extremely conservative do not go in with your resume in sandals and a belly shirt.

Find more resources below on where to find jobs and tips for making work life easier.

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