Summer Jobs For High School Students

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Teenagers Summer Job Opportunity

During the summer months there are lots of jobs that open up for teenagers who are interested in making some extra money of the upcoming school year. There are lots of different types of jobs that high school students can find that require little to no work experience.  These jobs are not only great for students to make a little extra cash, but for students to get some valuable work experience before they graduate and head to college or start their careers.

Available jobs in Retail outlets:

Some of the jobs available to teens these days are in the malls in retail outlets in larger cities. Malls are filled with up to a few hundred stores of all different kinds, so there are usually many part-time jobs available within one mall area.  These jobs can include retail sales positions, working waiting tables or busing tables at a restaurant, being a barista at a coffee shop or working behind these scenes at clothing or shoe stores stocking and restocking items.  There are also usually movie theatres in larger malls that need people to sell tickets, concessions and to clean up after the movie guests have come and gone to watch their movie. So no matter what you are interested in, there are usually positions available for students to work.

Seasonal job opportunity:

Also during the summer seasonal opportunities open up for teens interested in starting work.  There are usually lifeguard positions open at outdoor pools, beaches and lakes through the city parks and recreational department as well as through private clubs.  During the summer many restaurants and cafes experience an increase in business because they are either located mainly outside or cater to summer tourists.  And, in a lot of cities, there are summer concert or events series that need staff to help run the events and concerts.  By simply asking around and looking at job posting boards teens can usually find something that they think is interesting and can fit their schedules.

If teens are interested in exploring a position that they think may fit in with a career they would one day want to pursue, then thinking about doing a summer internship that is either paid or unpaid could be a viable option for high school students as well.  There are thousands of internship programs available to students, and companies are usually very excited to be teaching their skills and life passion with an eager young student.  And sometimes, if the student like the field that they have chosen to have the internship in and the company is impressed with the student’s skills, then sometimes that internship can turn into a job for that student down the road sooner than he or she may think.

So, no matter what you are interested in and how much you would like to spend of your summer between classes working, there is usually a job available for you that will fit your schedule.  Just make sure to plan ahead and don’t give up searching until you find something that you enjoy.


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