Sell Sell Sell

Category : Interviews

In my state-wide standardize testing this week, one prompt was about resume and cover letter writing for teens. Quelle coincidence! This of course was a topic I knew a lot about already, but I was very surprised to see certain wording in the description of the cover letter (CL). The prompt repeatedly said that the CL is a tool to “sell yourself.” Perhaps this is how most people view job applications (and maybe all applications in general) but personally, I find this description a bit disgusting. Selling yourself implies handing yourself over and losing yourself to somebody else. I know that we are capable of filling out an application and writing a CL while maintaining a sense of self. Yes, there are certainly compromises we have to make (like taking down those drinking photos from Facebook), but for the most part, these pieces should be an accurate reflection of yourself. You do want to present yourself in good light, but if this is a job (or college or program or internship) that is really good for YOU then you shouldnt have to compromise yourself to the point of “selling.”