Rich Karlgaard’s Advice About First Jobs

Category : Careers

Rich Karlgaard, publisher of, posted a nice column with practical advice for those starting out on careers.

Like almost all of us, Karlgaard had no idea what he wanted to be when he grew up, and ended up working as a security guard after graduating from college. But he figured it out, and did well for himself. And I wanted to pass on some tidbits that users of | jobs for teens could benefit from.

  • Fall in love with reading. Karlgaard writes, “It doesn’t matter what the writing is. Whats key is that the kids claim it as their own.”
  • Find a mentor. He suggests that the mentor doesn’t have to be the boss, or even know that you have chosen them, but whats important is to pick “mentors because they had something I needed to learn. “
  • Think like an owner. Karlgaard writes that its easy to pick up destructive habits such as downsizing your view of the world on the bottom of the totem pole. But he insists that you have to fight them off and think big.

I think these all make a lot of sense, how about you?