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Restaurants and food services is no doubt one of the fastest growing industries, especially in the United States. More and more people are operating on very busy schedules that leave them little time to prepare food at home. What this means is that restaurants and food services generate millions of jobs as more people use them. The industry is a good one to consider by first-timers for jobs because employers mostly love working with young people.

Industry Overview

All businesses, companies and institutions that are engaged in the preparation and service of food away from the home of customers are encompassed by this industry. These establishments include restaurants, cafeterias, catering operations, hotels and inns. Restaurants and food services have benefited significantly from the hectic lifestyles maintained by most Americans. This industry has been experiencing steady growth for years and looks to continue with that trend in the foreseeable future. Growth of 3.4 percent was recorded in the industry in 2012, according to Vault. This could be considered good news to anyone looking to work in the industry.

The U.S. food system, of which restaurants and food services are a part, was valued at an impressive $1.24 trillion in 2010. Industry sales of slightly over $684 billion were projected for 2014 by the National Restaurant Association. The performance of the food industry is dependent on the state of the economy – when the economy is healthy, people tend to eat out the more. In the U.S., the restaurant industry is the second-largest employer in the private sector. Several thousands of jobs are frequently added and an estimated 1.7 million jobs are expected to be added by year 2025, according to the National Restaurant Association.

Restaurants and Food Services Jobs

The food service industry certainly offers decent job prospect, especially when you consider that less and less people are cooking at home these days. The following are a few samples of the jobs to expect:

Waiter/Waitress – Also known as a server, a waiter or waitress describes menu items to customers, takes orders and serves ordered food. You are expected to ensure that customers feel comfortable and satisfied with the quality of service rendered. Good customer service skills are required to fit in perfectly in this role.

Bus person – This employee is charged with the duty of making sure that dirty dishes are removed between courses. A bus person cleans tables after a set of customers leaves and gets them ready for the next set of patrons. You may also be required to refill glasses when working in this capacity.

Cook – Some employees are more indispensable than others in restaurants and food services – among these are cooks. This class of employees sees to preparation of different types of foods that are served by catering establishments.

In addition to the above, the following are some of the other job titles in restaurants and food services:

• Bartender
• Baker
• Kitchen assistant
• Food service manager
• Expediter
• Chef
• Wine steward
• Kitchen manager
• Washer

Restaurants and food services businesses rank among the leading employers in the U.S. private sector. The only thing is that most jobs you can get as a first timer will likely pay around minimum wage, but that shouldn’t be a significant problem if you do not yet have a dependent.