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Job Titles

Category : Careers

While it is true that most young people are driven to look for jobs by the lure of extra spending money, the benefits of such jobs do not end there. These jobs could give extra boost when it is time for you to seek admission into college, as some institutions now look beyond just your educational grades. If you are thinking of getting your first job and in need of ideas on what you can do, here we present some job titles, with brief descriptions, to help you decide on what job you can do as a teenager.


This sort of worker is charged with the duty of waiting tables in a food service establishment. As a waiter, you ensure that patrons are properly attended and the job can sometimes be a bit hectic. Pay is often below minimum wage, but tips usually make up for that.


A popular work option for teens, babysitting is ideal for someone who loves young children, more suitably for females. A babysitter takes care of kids while their parents are away, with duties including feeding, bathing and changing diapers.

Housekeeping assistant

You could get a job of housekeeping assistant in a hotel and your main duty entails keeping rooms tidy at all time. This sort of worker performs tasks such as vacuuming and washing of linens. Opportunity for tips also exists here.

Personal assistant

This job involves you providing different types of services to an older person. These services include running errands and doing any other tasks that the person you work with finds comfortable assigning to you.


There are certainly one or two things that you can teach someone else by working as a tutor. You could take up the job of teaching a younger person a subject you are good at or teaching how to play an instrument, among others.

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Local packing and moving companies usually need young people to assist them with moving stuffs every now and then. If you are willing to flex your muscles a bit, this job might just do it for you.


In some very busy restaurants, teens are usually needed to work as busboy or busgirl, in addition to waiters. A busser is responsible for clearing away dirty dishes, setting tables and assisting a waiter or waitress in any other way.

Dog walker

Teens also do well as dog walkers, whose primary duty it is to ensure that canines get enough exercise. You will also often be responsible for feeding and watering dogs under your care.

Care giver

As a teenager, you could find job as a care giver for sick or elderly people. You will be charged with the responsibility of running errands for these people and probably also ensuring that they take their medications as due as well as other relevant tasks.


Chances are that you have seen some workers bagging items at a local grocery store – they are very likely baggers. Other duties of a bagger, a role you may be able to apply for if you at least 14 years, includes welcoming customers and helping load groceries onto carts.


This is another job you can get in a grocery store. A stocker’s work is to ensure that products are taken from where they are stored and arranged neatly on shelves. It is a good job for an introvert teen.

Car wash attendant

Your local car wash may need extra hands, especially in the summer months. Depending on your age and height, you could get the job of an attendant helping out with car washing. There is opportunity for getting tips in addition to your circa minimum wage earning.

Warehouse worker

Job opportunities exist for teenagers to assist with loading and unloading in warehouses and distribution centers. This sort of job is a great recommendation for those looking to work their muscles.

Animal shelter worker

If you are the kind of person that really loves having animals around, the job of an animal shelter worker might just be perfect for you. The job can be done on part-time basis and mostly involve taken care of animals and cleaning their enclosures. But be aware that you may be called to help out with putting sick animals to sleep – something you might not have the heart to stand.

Lawn care worker

This job entails helping those who are too busy to take care of their gardens and lawns. A lawn care worker helps to mow lawns, cut grasses and trim hedges ensuring the greenery looks pleasant to the eyes. There is opportunity of making good money if you are diligent at your work.


Newspaper delivery person

Teenagers have been doing newspaper delivery for a very long time and it remains a good job for extra spending money today. The job is pretty simple: just pick up the newspapers from the distribution centers and go place them at the doorsteps of subscribers.


If you a good swimmer, this job may be perfect fit for you. A lifeguard helps to ensure that people are safe at swimming pools and beaches by keeping them from drowning. Aside the pay, this job offers you opportunity to make new friends.

Pizza delivery worker

The job of delivering pizzas is one you could consider if you love driving around. It gives a bit of freedom to enjoy yourself while making deliveries and you can also get tips every now and then. But this job is a bit hazardous in that delivery workers are occasionally assaulted or robbed.

Web designer

This job is good for those teens with expertise in designing websites and in need of part-time jobs. Web designers are well paid and you have the flexibility of working in a company or on a freelance basis via sites such as oDesk.

Data entry worker

Businesses often need people to help them gather and enter information into databases. For example, the job of a data entry worker could entail searching on the Internet for information and entering same into a spreadsheet or via a web interface.

Camp counselor

Extra hands are usually required to assist with activities during camping programs, which are especially more common in the summer months. Teenagers are brought on to guide younger children or help in any other way as the needs arise.

Sales associate

Sales associates or clerks help out with sales in retail stores. They advise customers on available products while making recommendations. The pay for a sales clerk is around minimum wage, but the job offers a good means of improving your people skills.

Product demonstrator

It is possible that you have seen people handling out samples at your local grocery store before and wonder what it would be like to be in their position. Those people are product demonstrators and you can work as one, even though you are a teenager. Average duties include ensuring cleanliness of the demonstration area, setting up products for demonstration and getting customers to try out samples to induce them into making a purchase.

Amusement park attendant

Amusement parks have predilection for hiring teenagers to work for them, possibly because their main customers are also young people. Your job as an amusement park attendant will usually involve helping out visitors, providing directions or information and ensuring that nobody is at risk of getting injured.


This position is self-explanatory by merely looking at the job title. Big and busy restaurants require services of more than just waiters and bus persons. Dishwasher help to ensure that dirty dishes are properly washed, rinsed, and arranged in appropriate places.


There you have just some of the job titles that young people can consider taking up. These jobs and some other ones can easily be found on MyFirstPaycheck.com, if available. All you need do is to enter the job title you prefer and search for available openings. Being a teen, it may be advisable for you to search for only those jobs that are close to where you live – you can do this by entering your preferred location in the provided field. You can even refine your search further by using the full-time, part-time, internship, freelance and temporary filters.

The experience gained, in addition to wages, at these jobs can come in quite handy when applying to other jobs in the future or trying to gain admission into college. However, before thinking of taking up any of these or other jobs for teenagers, make sure that you are qualified for such by first consulting the child labor laws in your state.

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How To Get Started Working As A Self Employed Courier

Category : Other Stuff

You will need to contact these companies, by phone, letter or you can visit them in person if you prefer. You will need to be listed as a self-employed courier by the courier company.

A good starting point would be to use Thomson Local or the Yellow Pages to search for local courier companies.
Getting regular work with these types of companies may take some time. However, you should sign up with as many as you can and do a good job on the assignments that you do get. If you do that, regular work will eventually come to you. Assuming that you are reliable, there will always be plenty of work available to you since these types of companies heavily rely on freelance couriers.

We recommend that you have a business card that you carry with you, to either hand out in person to ensure your personal details are on file or to post to companies. The card should include your name, contact phone number and the hours you prefer to work. You may want to include a letter as well that contains a little more information.
I you haven’t heard back in a few weeks, get in touch with the companies again to stay on their radar screen.

Smart and Professional

We shouldn’t even have to mention this, but it is very important to have a smart and professional appearance at all times. Many of the deliveries you will be making will be to professional clients, which is why a freelance courier service is needed. In order to properly represent the courier company you need to keep your appearance up.
The courier company you are working for will make note of your appearance. If it isn’t up to their professional standards, your work will be given to couriers with a smarter appearance instead of you.


Time is money, when you are out on the road. Invest in a smart phone or Sat Nav with GPS to ensure you are aware of congestion or traffic jams out on the road.
If you end up caught in traffic, out of common courtesy you should let your destination know if any changes need to be made to your schedule time of arrival. This is how a professional should be behave and your clients will definitely appreciate being kept informed. They will also be much more likely to be understanding than if you just show up late with several excuses.

Keep in mind that spending time in traffic jams is lost money since you could have potentially picked up additional jobs during the early evening or afternoon.

Administration and Bookkeeping

We recommend that you set aside some time for tracking your client list and invoices every other day. You can either use a paper and pen or computer tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Office.

Additionally, as a self-employed courier, ensuring you have courier insurance of some sort is also important – especially when on the road commercially.

As a self-employed courier, it is very important to keep up with your administrative work and invoices. Once you start to receive regular work, it can be quite easy to get carried away.

However, it is very important to keep track of which companies owe you money and how much. Staying up to date on your expenses will really benefit you, especially at tax time.

If you want help getting started, visit jeffreykelly.info

Kicking Off A Career In Musical Theater

Category : Careers

Modern pop culture is full of well-known and beloved songs that have their roots in musical theater. These tunes have vast appeal, and even listeners who never see a musical in their lives can recognize important songs like “The Sound of Music” or “Memory.”

This is not to say that musical theater itself is disregarded! Musical theater is a thriving industry, and every year sees millions of tickets for musicals sold. Competition for a place in this business is stiff, but breaking in is far from impossible. Here are some smart ways to improve your odds.

Take Lessons

Although your natural talents play a role in your success, no amount of innate skill can replace formal acting training. You’ll need proper voice lessons to develop the stamina and projection required for stage singing. It’s also an excellent idea to learn an instrument (the piano is a perennial favorite) to give you a better grasp of musical theory. This makes you a more intuitive and flexible performer. It doesn’t hurt to be able to play as well as sing and dance when you’re auditioning, either!

Study Yourself On Video

Observing your performance from the outside is a vital part of improving it. You can see potential flaws on tape that are impossible to detect while you’re performing. (This is especially true for dancing.) Having videos also makes it easier for you to solicit advice from friends and colleagues. Today good cameras are cheap, and digital technology makes it easy to make, edit, and share videos online.

Study At A College

If you’re really serious about getting into musical theater, why not make it part of your education? Speaking generally, conservatories are geared towards performance while colleges are more academic. While you’ll learn a great deal earning a degree in theatre or music from a college, going through a conservatory will mold you into an experienced performer. Which educational experiences line up with your goals will depend on just what you intend to accomplish, but formal education is tremendously helpful in any case.Try a provider of musical theatre courses like AMTA if this is what you want.

Build A Strong Portfolio

You should consider a resume and a collection of headshots available for auditions to be your absolute minimum portfolio. If possible, you should also take full advantage of online
opportunities to share your work. An informative website and active professional accounts on Twitter and Facebook will help. These are excellent places to post videos of your performances. Keep your sites and pages updated to reflect the ongoing work you’re doing. Remember that you can always separate your personal life from your professional persona to keep things clear.

These different things will help you on your way to musical theatre acting stardom and help you get more from your efforts and set foot on the big stage. It’s a great career and one that can make a notable difference to your life, while allowing you to do exactly what you want. So, take the above tips, use them and become a star of the stage.


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Health Care

Category : Jobs In

It is a big challenge in some areas and industries for people to find jobs. But the story is different, and more encouraging, in some other industry. The health care industry is one of those few industries that can boast of providing a high number of job opportunities in the United States, and the world. If you are someone considering working in the health care industry, you may be interested in knowing more about it and how you can go about landing your first job.

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Jobs In New York City

Category : College

New York City is a highly popular place in the world, being the center of major institutions and top corporations. Perhaps, you have been fantasizing about working in this world-renowned city after completing your college education. If that happens to be the case, presented in this post is guidance on how to be successful in finding jobs in New York City.

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How to Become a Tutor

Category : Careers

The benefits of becoming a tutor are not just about the opportunity to make money. Tutoring helps you to have positive influence on another, perhaps, younger, person. It makes it possible for you to enhance your own knowledge level at the same time. But how do you become a tutor and how do you get a job as one? You can find the answers to these questions and more in this post.

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Job Openings For Teens

Category : Internships Job Search

There are diverse reasons why teens should consider working. One of these is to enable them get extra money to spend on items or activities that their allowances might not cover. There is also the advantage of gaining useful work experience. This post provides guidance on how you can find job openings for teens.

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Teen Jobs Hiring Near Me

Category : Job Search

The benefits of teen jobs go beyond just the extra money they bring in for young people. They provide good opportunity for meeting people that could impact positively on an individual’s life and to learn new, essential life skills. But as a young person, it is always best to work close to home for diverse reasons, including security. Some young people know this, which is why they search for “teen jobs hiring near me.”Here are some tips you can use to find such jobs.

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Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile Resume

Category : Job Search

Employers are increasingly factoring social media activity or presence into the equation of recruiting candidates for different positions in their organizations. LinkedIn is somewhat the favorite among recruiters. It is said that 3 in 4 Fortune 100 companies use the platform when looking to make new hires. With several millions of people on the social network, you need to find a way to make your profile speak for you to stand a chance of getting the job of your dreams. Here are some tips you can use for creating a killer LinkedIn profile resume.

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How to Make Money on Facebook

Category : Entrepreneurship

To many people, Facebook is just a platform for connecting with family, friends and coworkers. But this social networking site is more than that, as it can also be used as a moneymaking tool. Here are some pieces of information you can use on how to make money on Facebook.

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Category : Jobs In

Governments at the various levels – federal, state and local – are among the leading employers in the economy. Some people like government jobs because of their belief that these offer greater level of security than those available in the private sector. Perhaps, you are one of those considering government employment and wish to learn more about it. This post is aimed at providing useful information about this type of employment and how to go about landing a position.

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Vocational Trades

Category : Jobs In

It has long been held that college education helps to improve the chances of someone making high income in their chosen careers. But sadly, college education does not appear to be for everyone anymore, as costs keep rising beyond the means of average students while there seem to be limited job opportunities available for graduates. These have combined to drive interest in vocational trades in recent years. But should you also consider a vocational trade career? Read on to learn more about vocational trades and available jobs for young people.

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Banking And Financial Services

Category : Jobs In

The banking and financial services industry is a very important one in the economy. The industry encompasses different types of businesses or organizations, including banks, credit unions, insurance companies, credit card companies and stock brokerages. If you happen to have special interest in working in this industry, you will no doubt wish to know a bit more about its potentials and what sort of jobs you can get in the industry as a young person, most likely fresh out of the college.

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Jobs in New York

Category : Job Search

Are you a college graduate and interested in entry-level jobs in New York? If yes, you would be pleased to learn that there are diverse opportunities and openings available for college graduates. Information technology, marketing, finance and health are few of the industries with the highest number of these opportunities. Here are some of the best entry-level jobs for college graduates.

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Law And Security

Category : Jobs In

In absence of law and security, it will be very hard for order to exist in the society.  Thankfully, the existence of law as well as legal, law enforcement and security professionals help to check destructive anti-social behaviors to a significant extent. These professionals play vital roles in the society and this explains why many of them are well remunerated for their services. If you are considering a career in law or security, you should be able to find information that you can factor into your decision-making in this piece.

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How to Become a Model

Category : Careers

Many people, especially teenagers, are interested in knowing how to become a model. The glamor, fame and opulent lifestyle enjoyed by figures such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are the top reasons people are usually interested in modeling. The good thing is that almost anybody can become a model since there are different kinds. If you are considering modeling, here are tips you can use on how to become a teen model.

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How to Start a Lawn Care Business

Category : Entrepreneurship

A well-tended lawn is a pride of every homeowner. Many homeowners who desire such, however, do not have the time to do what it takes to have one. This creates a good opportunity for moneymaking for others, especially young people, who are ready to help in that regard. You have probably seen one or two teenagers who are doing well in lawn care business and you are wondering how to start one. This piece gives you useful ideas on how to start a lawn care business of your own.

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Utilities And Construction

Category : Jobs In

Construction and utilities are to an extent interrelated, although the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) classifies the two as different sectors. These two sectors provide a significant number of jobs in the economy, with a good number of these roles interestingly not requiring college education. This post addresses employment in utilities and construction along with job titles you could consider for your first job in the sectors.

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Category : Jobs In

Biotechnology refers to the use of biological or living organisms and systems to fabricate new products, which are mostly biopharmaceutical drugs. It is often seen as overlapping with bioengineering, biomedical engineering and related fields. The biotechnology industry has witnessed significant growth in the last few years and that trend looks set to continue for years to come. This post provides useful information about the biotech industry and some job titles you may be eligible for as a first-timer.

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Green Technology

Category : Jobs In

The calls for going green have been growing increasingly louder in recent years in a bid to save our planet and its people from the bad choices being made by some economic actors. Many people are now taking interest in greener, more sustainable way of doing things, with this leading to new green jobs being created along the way. The green technology industry is benefiting as more jobs become available, offering highly attractive salaries. This post examines the green technology sector as well as some job titles you can expect to find.

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