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Seth Godin’s Internship Program

Category : Internships

Seth Godin recently announced on his blog that he was looking for interns, I read right over it but Brandon Laughridge decided that it was the internship for him.

What did he do? Started an advertising campaign, obviously.

Brandon created http://www.sethsfavoriteintern.com/ and has done pretty much everything else he can think of to show Seth that he is the best candidate.

As my buddy Willy wrote on his great site, Brandon’s efforts are a great example of the showing off necessary in a job application. Willy wrote, “instead of telling a company that you’re qualified, show them that you’re qualified. You can fake a resume, but you can’t fake something like a Search Marketing and Social Media campaign. If Brandon put on his resume that he was able to convince bloggers to write about him, it wouldn’t sound very impressive. If he aggregates all the posts about him on his site and makes it easy for Seth Godin to find them, that is impressive.”

I think its brilliant. Brandon, if Seth doesnt put you to work, I will.

The Search for a Part-Time Job

Category : My First Job

Yesterday, I applied for a job to be a cashier. Its a job that was posted on Myfirstpaycheck.com | Jobs for Teens, and a job that any teen could do.

I wanted to make sure that I don’t forget about this basic act of applying, and I;m glad I took this refresher course.

One thing I am glad that I remembered – have 3 references ready when applying for a job. Know their phone numbers, addresses, and get their permission. Almost everybody asks for references and if you put a little thought into it before hand, its easy to think of 3 people who you aren’t related to you who will say good things about you if needed.

One Teens Campaign To Restore Voting Rights

Category : My First Job

Sarah Boltuck’s senior year at Walt Whitman High School (where I went) in Bethesda was transformed by a rejection letter — not from a college, but from the Montgomery County Board of Elections. Another great story about a teenager changing the status quo…

Blogging is a Low-Cost, High Return Marketing Tool

Category : My First Job

Although small businesses with blogs are still a distinct minority, blogging can be a low-cost way to market and boost a small company’s brand.

This article summarizes what I’m trying to do with this blog, especially this part, “transparency is a popular reason for blogging, particularly for companies that want to be identified as mission-oriented or socially responsible.”

Do you think its working for Myfirstpaycheck.com | Jobs for Teens?

Good Advice For Me and You

Category : My First Job

I just found this advice from Jim Spanfeller, President and CEO of Forbes.com, in an interview with David Mammano, founder of The Next Step Magazine (who should probably partner with us.)

Spanfeller responded to the question, “What’s your advice to teens who want to run a company?”

“Play team sports. Or be the editor or publisher of your school paper. Or be the director of the school play. In other words, just get involved with a group that needs to have leadership, and then try to provide that leadership. Know you’ll make mistakes along the way, and there are times when you’ll be chastised by your peers and be a bit humiliated. That’s part of the learning process, and the great thing you can take from that is how to deal and move on.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.