Outdoor Summer Jobs For Teens

Category : My First Job

Between classes, homework, sports, and extracurricular activities it is near impossible to hold a job during the school year. Maybe your parents give you an allowance during your busy school year, but come summer time they expect you to find a job to make and save your own money.

There are many job options for teenagers, but during the summer a job outdoors is preferable so that you can enjoy the nice weather. There are some good possibilities for this type of job that are generally geared towards teenage aged employees. This gives you more possibilities and means that you will spend the summer working alongside other people your age. Some suggestions are:

– Day camp: Day camps are a great place to seek employment if you enjoy spending time with kids because you get to be outside all day playing with them. As a counselor at a day camp you and the other counselors are responsible for organizing activities, interacting with the campers, and being responsible for them. Day camps are usually located in parks so you spend the majority of the time outside. The ages of campers are on the younger side, usually ranging from 5 to 13 years old, but most of the activities are similar. Common activities are sports, such as kickball, soccer, swimming, and baseball; arts and crafts, such as lanyard, painting, and building; games, such as cards, tag, duck duck goose, and the playground; and food events such as BBQs and ice cream. The point of all of these activities is to keep the children entertained and encourage interaction between them and between the counselors and them. It is their summer vacation as well, so camp should be something that they look forward to going to everyday. As a counselor you are responsible for making the kids’ experiences fun, which is not a bad job if you think about the activities you are planning for them!

– Lifeguard: Being a lifeguard is another great job that allows you to enjoy summer outside. In order to be a lifeguard you must be certified, which requires that you are an excellent swimmer, are CPR certified, and have been trained. Lifeguard training certification is very useful because you can then apply for jobs at any public or private pool or beach. As a lifeguard you take shifts sitting in the lifeguard chair during the day, watching over the swimmers in the water. It is a very important job because you are in charge of the swimmers’ safety should they need assistance, so responsibility is a key quality for any lifeguard. While not on duty, you are able to enjoy the sun and the environment with your co-workers, most who are also teenagers.

– Caddy: A golf caddy is also a great outdoor summer job for teenagers, and is available at golf courses and country clubs, hotels, or other locations that have golf courses. Basically you are walking, or driving, with the golf player through his round of golf. For this reason, an interest in golf is important. You are responsible for carrying the player’s golf club bags. If you have a golf cart to drive this makes it a bit easier, especially on hot days. The player will look to you for advice on which club to use in different situations. A plus to being a caddy is that the golf player usually tips you at the end of the day.

These are just a few suggestions for ideal outdoor summer jobs for teenagers. Talking to people in your community and at your recreational center will give you more information on these jobs and others.