Managers tips –  Actions for Achieving Excellence

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In today’s business world, you need more than just an in-depth knowledge of your field. It is a highly competitive working environment today so we need other skills in order to further our career.

A very important skill needed is people skills. This is the knack to motivate others, strive for and maintain co-operation from the department which can be through effective delegation. This can also include other departments, managers, clients, suppliers. But, foremost, you need that range of practical skills such as effective time management, ability to meet deadlines, sound IT and analytical skills to name just a few. These will all be a great attribute to advancing your career.

Time Management is important

Managing your time management requires consistently prioritising your tasks. You cannot prioritise efficiently if you do not have a deadline so, always request the deadline. Likewise you should also give a deadline to your colleague so they, in turn, can then prioritise well.

You should carefully plan your day’s work so you are aware of all you have to do in the course of the day. You should write a list so nothing is overlooked; we often have a shopping list when we go to the supermarket as we do not want to make several trips there. Likewise you do not want to overlook any pending task or have to work late because you overlooked an important task.

Plan your Career

In the same way, you should plan your career. You can set your goals and review at various stages whether it is 6 or 12 month period. Do set manageable goals as you may demotivate yourself by setting too high a goal.

With these goals in mind, you may have to increase your knowledge base so plan also to join a course in order to achieve your objective. Ensure you are choosing the right course and also the right provider. This will entail some careful research and recommendations. Finding the time to study while working can be difficult but the sacrifice will pay off in the end.

In order to improve your skills, you should be aware of your limit as this can cause you to be stressed which will affect your work. Although stress may not always be harmful, some people can react differently because of it.


To achieve your goal you will need determination but, do be encouraged as this will develop a number of important strengths, including confidence, determination, vision and a great sense of satisfaction.

You will not be able to manage your workload if your body in not in good shape. Therefore it is important to eat healthy and exercise. Exercise greatly improves mind and body.

Healthy body

It may be a good idea to find yourself a mentor. That person who has a professional attitude and with varied experience may be the ideal person for motivating you towards achieving your goal.

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