Mail a Potato With Your Message

A potato with a message makes a great gift. This potato says: You're a strong independent potato who needs no man

What’s The Mail A Potato Thing? is the premier seller in the hot mail a potato category. Mailing a potato has been a small hit for around a year now and really caught attention in social media in 2015 as a couple websites including Potato Parcel and Potato Express received positive press as amazing money makers. All the while has held the market niche by capturing the intrigue of the potato coming in the mail. The real amazing thing is that your potato message makes it to your recipient without their knowledge.

For just $9.99 you can order a large potato sent to anyone in the USA or Canada. You get to Personalize the Potato and if you like, it can be sent anonymously. This opens up all sorts of opportunities to send messages to loved ones and distasteful ones alike. It allows for inside jokes and for crushes to be explored and enhanced. If you have someone in mind for which you would like to mail a potato, this is a great time to get it in the mail with

Potato Parcels

Shipping is fast and you can choose the unboxing experience of your recipient… everything from a bareback potato with postage straight on the potato to a premium boxed unwrap experience are available. Clearly the premium experience makes the most sense for those you want to compliment or express your admiration for. The premium experience will surprise, delight, and in a way, confuse the recipient into a unique experience that only you can provide. The bareback potato is suited far better for those who you want to send a potato without the fanfare. Perhaps delivering a stern or undesirable message to. These are all good reasons to mail a potato.’s potato parcel also comes in seasonal varieties depending on the time of year. For example, the following are extremely popular message potatoes:

  • Halloween Potato: Halloween is a cherished holiday all across the United States and Canada. Mystery Potato provides ghost and pumpkin potatoes.
  • Christmas Tree Potato: In the Christmas season shipping potatoes becomes a festive affair with the green potato covered in lights.
  • Easter Potato: Mystery Potato takes it to another level of pastel in the spring when they mail a potato colored according to traditional spring pastels. Hide these in your yard for the kids to find 🙂
  • Fourth of July Potato: Jeff’s favorite holiday, this message potato comes just at the right time to be colored red, white, and blue. Put your personalized potato message on it and you can celebrate the fireworks with a spud.

Glitter Bomb also offers other mailed products for your friends and enemies such as:

  • Glitter Bombs
  • Baby Potatoes
  • Red Potatoes
  • Aphrodisiacs

All in all this is a fantastic resource for sending a really fun and confusing item in the mail. Many people are raving about the intrigue delivered by Mystery Potato over other sites. Customer Service is also excellent. Check out next time you need to mail a potato.

How The business Works

This business is really a small eCommerce company in the gag-gift category. It has a group of simple products that are unique and highly personal. It has a sales channel in it’s website and social media presence. It has the need to personalize, fulfill, and ship just like any other eCommerce retailer. It needs to purchase inventory and supplies and maintain stock levels.

If you are a teen who wants to start a business be sure to get in contact with us. We know how to help you get started!