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In absence of law and security, it will be very hard for order to exist in the society.  Thankfully, the existence of law as well as legal, law enforcement and security professionals help to check destructive anti-social behaviors to a significant extent. These professionals play vital roles in the society and this explains why many of them are well remunerated for their services. If you are considering a career in law or security, you should be able to find information that you can factor into your decision-making in this piece.

Law and Security Services

Law and security services, which comprise professionals like lawyers, paralegals, law enforcement officers and security guards, are useful in regulating the society. Legal services are rather significant in the United States, with more than $250 billion revenue generated in 2013, according to Statista. That revenue level is expected to reach around $288 billion by 2018. The sector netted more than $585 billion in global revenue in 2010, as reported by MarketLine. Employment opportunities also abound. There were over a million legal services employees in 2013 – with lawyers accounting for the greatest proportion – and that number is forecast to hit 1.38 million by 2018.

Law enforcement and security professionals are equally vital in the economy, especially in the light of the rise in number of business in the country in the years after the great recession. Security services include investigation, detection, guard and patrol, among others. Statista reports the total revenue of the security services industry in the US was on its way to hitting the $25 billion mark in 2014. The global industry had revenue of $96 billion in 2013.

Getting a Job in Law and Security Services

There are different kinds of jobs that you can apply for in the law and security services industry. In legal services, you can work as a lawyer, legal associate, or legal secretary, among others. Security services opportunities include law enforcement agents, security guards, detectives and bodyguards.

For whatever job you are looking to get in law and services, it is essential that you have requisite skills and qualities. For example, if you want to become a lawyer, you must be very good with words, able to work long hours and possess critical and logical thinking skills. You must be physically fit, able to work under pressure as well as possess team-working, leadership and problem solving skills if looking to work in law enforcement and security.

You do not need to have a degree to work in some areas; particularly those that are less technical in nature. But for more technical and specialized roles, you will need a degree and several years may have to be spent to acquire such – for instance, when looking to become a lawyer or work as a technical officer in the armed forces.

In addition to possessing the requisite skills and abilities, experience also matters. If, for example, you aim to become a lawyer some day, work experience in a law firm in a lesser role may be helpful, including for purpose of gaining admission. Internships are another good means of gaining useful experience. In summary, you should prepare yourself ahead of a specific job in law and security services by finding relevant work placements and internships to acquire experience.

The information provided here should put you well on your way to working in the law and security services industry and having a rewarding career.

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