Kicking Off A Career In Musical Theater

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Modern pop culture is full of well-known and beloved songs that have their roots in musical theater. These tunes have vast appeal, and even listeners who never see a musical in their lives can recognize important songs like “The Sound of Music” or “Memory.”

This is not to say that musical theater itself is disregarded! Musical theater is a thriving industry, and every year sees millions of tickets for musicals sold. Competition for a place in this business is stiff, but breaking in is far from impossible. Here are some smart ways to improve your odds.

Take Lessons

Although your natural talents play a role in your success, no amount of innate skill can replace formal acting training. You’ll need proper voice lessons to develop the stamina and projection required for stage singing. It’s also an excellent idea to learn an instrument (the piano is a perennial favorite) to give you a better grasp of musical theory. This makes you a more intuitive and flexible performer. It doesn’t hurt to be able to play as well as sing and dance when you’re auditioning, either!

Study Yourself On Video

Observing your performance from the outside is a vital part of improving it. You can see potential flaws on tape that are impossible to detect while you’re performing. (This is especially true for dancing.) Having videos also makes it easier for you to solicit advice from friends and colleagues. Today good cameras are cheap, and digital technology makes it easy to make, edit, and share videos online.

Study At A College

If you’re really serious about getting into musical theater, why not make it part of your education? Speaking generally, conservatories are geared towards performance while colleges are more academic. While you’ll learn a great deal earning a degree in theatre or music from a college, going through a conservatory will mold you into an experienced performer. Which educational experiences line up with your goals will depend on just what you intend to accomplish, but formal education is tremendously helpful in any case.Try a provider of musical theatre courses like AMTA if this is what you want.

Build A Strong Portfolio

You should consider a resume and a collection of headshots available for auditions to be your absolute minimum portfolio. If possible, you should also take full advantage of online
opportunities to share your work. An informative website and active professional accounts on Twitter and Facebook will help. These are excellent places to post videos of your performances. Keep your sites and pages updated to reflect the ongoing work you’re doing. Remember that you can always separate your personal life from your professional persona to keep things clear.

These different things will help you on your way to musical theatre acting stardom and help you get more from your efforts and set foot on the big stage. It’s a great career and one that can make a notable difference to your life, while allowing you to do exactly what you want. So, take the above tips, use them and become a star of the stage.


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