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Are you a college graduate and interested in entry-level jobs in New York? If yes, you would be pleased to learn that there are diverse opportunities and openings available for college graduates. Information technology, marketing, finance and health are few of the industries with the highest number of these opportunities. Here are some of the best entry-level jobs for college graduates.

1. Sales representative

This is a job that many recent college graduates can easily fit in, especially if such possess good social and communication skills. A sales representative works to improve awareness about a product and sales, as a result. This position pays holders about $50,000 in salary. You may earn more as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

2. Market research analyst

It is the work of market research analysts to sample the thoughts of the buying public on what products are important to them. They determine the market for products and services that are being contemplated for provision. A market research analyst helps companies to determine what products or services consumers are willing to pay for as well as the quality and price they are willing to pay. Median salary is put at around $60,000.

3. Junior accounting or tax associate

Degree and experience in accounting is usually required to work as a junior accounting associate, whose main duty is to help in processing day-to-day accounting information. You will be in charge of journal entries, invoice processing and bank reconciliations, among other duties. As a junior tax associate, you help oversee the fiscal reporting system of a company to ensure compliance with relevant tax regulations. Median pay is put at more than $50,000.

4. Technical support representative

This job involves providing support to customers in resolving technical issues. These could be computer, Internet and other technology-related issues. Since you will be engaged in helping customers troubleshoot this type of issues, computer or IT-related educational qualification would be required. You could earn a salary in the region of $45,000-$50,000 as a technical support representative.

5. Software engineer

This is arguably the best entry-level job for college graduates, with average salary estimated at more than $70,000. A software engineer designs and develops software on which a wide range of computerized devices run. Degree in computer science, mathematics or engineering is commonly required to take up this sort of job. Master’s degrees could sometimes be required.

6. Registered nurse

Registered nurses assist physicians in taking care of patients in hospitals. They help in treating and educating patients as well as assist in preventing diseases. You can a foot in the door with an associate’s degree and work your way up from there. Registered nurses earn about $65,000 in salary.

7. Physical therapist

Physical therapy is one of the best jobs that college graduates with relevant qualifications can get in New York. Also known as a physiotherapist, a physical therapist helps to treat injuries and certain conditions or disabilities through a system of massage, exercise and therapeutic techniques. With an associate’s degree, you can get a job as a physical therapy assistant. Median salary is around $50,000.


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Landing a good entry-level job in New York usually demands that you have marketable, technical or transferable skills. It helps to also be flexible about the kind of jobs you are willing to take up. Volunteering and internship opportunities should equally be considered to gain useful experience.

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