Job Openings For Teens

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There are diverse reasons why teens should consider working. One of these is to enable them get extra money to spend on items or activities that their allowances might not cover. There is also the advantage of gaining useful work experience. This post provides guidance on how you can find job openings for teens.

Finding Teen Jobs

It is helpful to note that, as a teenager, there are some jobs you may not be able to hold due to restrictions imposed by child labor laws. For example, you are only allowed to work for limited number of hours in a week and prohibited from taking hazardous jobs if you are younger than 16 years. Therefore, you are advised to be familiar with your local child labor regulations.

Here are few ideas you can use to find job openings for teens.

Use your network – One of the easiest ways to find a teen job is by asking your family members and friends to provide you with useful leads. You will never know what helpful information they can provide on great teen jobs if you do not ask.

Research and contact businesses/organizations – You also want to do some research on companies that hire teens. Community notice boards, newspapers and flyers are some media through which you can find out the businesses or organizations that have job openings for teens. Retail and food service business are among the leading employers of young people. Visit the ones you know and make inquiry about available openings. Check not-for-profit organizations and government agencies, including your local park and recreation department, museums and camps, for jobs.

Advertise – Another good way for finding job openings for teens is to make people aware of your availability as well as what you can do. You can do these by posting flyers in your neighborhood. If there are stores and other public places with notice boards in your area, use them to get the words out about the kind of jobs you can do such as babysitting or lawn care.

Check out job listing sites – There are tons of websites where you can get information on job openings for teens. A good example is Here you can easily search for suitable jobs based on different criteria, including location of job.

Creating a Resume

Resume writing is a very important aspect of finding job openings for teens. This document summarizes essential information that an average employer will like to know about you, including education, skills and experience. A resume is all the same important even when you think one is not needed for the job being applied for. If for nothing else, it can make filling of applications easier.

Pay close attention when drawing up a resume, making sure it fits each job being applied for and gives an honest picture of who you are. Employers are interested in knowing what work experience you already have. You have the option of focusing on the transferable you possess if you do not have significant or any work experience. Make sure your resume is proofread for typos and grammatical errors.

If there are no available job openings for teens that you can do, you should consider volunteering. You stand a better chance of landing a paid job by working as a volunteer. The experience will still count and be helpful in getting a good paying job if you do not eventually get one where you volunteered.

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