Job Adivce for Teens from the TalentDiva

Category : My First Job

Our friend Adrienne Graham is an extraordinary talented Headhunter, Recruiter, Networker who specializes in high level diversity talent on a global scale – and is also passionate about teenage employment. We asked her about her first jobs and she had plenty of advice to share.

MFP: What was your first job as a teenager?
I worked as a Cashier at a store called TSS Seedmans. It was a low budget Target of its day.

MFP: How did you find that first job?
I went in to the store and applied. I lived five blocks from the store. I interviewed one day and started three days later.

MFP: What are some important things to remember when looking for/selecting a job?
Look for jobs that fit your personality. It’s not enough to just want to get a check. You have to really enjoy the work.

MFP: What are some important things to know for the interview, etc.:
Always show up prepared. Interview attire is the number one faux paux that teens make. Regardless of the type of job, you need to always dress your Sunday best. We live in the internet age. Companies expect you to know a little bit about them. Google and do your research. Then prepare about five questions to ask. It shows that you really care about the position your looking for. Finally, always treat everyone you encounter with respect. That Receptionist or Administrative Assistant you ignored or was rude to may be the one who has the hiring manager’s ear.

MFP: How has that job helped you as you grow older?

That first job gave me my first hard lesson on dealing with people. I learned that people will look down on a service/retail worker so it’s up to you to always have a positive attitude and confidence in yourself.

MFP: What piece of advice would you offer somebody looking for a job?

Watch how you conduct yourself online. Recruiters and employers are looking the very places you hang out online for candidates. Don’t show things you wouldn’t show your parents. Take advantage of the internet and gather as much competitive intelligence as you can before going on interviews. Have a professional prepare your resume. They may be able to craft it in a way that showcases all of your best attributes. And find an adult to help you with mock interviews. This gives you practice and allows you to correct your weak areas before you interview.