Interview Tips for Teens

Category : Interviews

Bring materials to leave behind. It is a good idea to bring a resume with you when inquiring about jobs or attending a job interview. Oftentimes the decision maker will be out of the office or will forget about your conversation, so it’s effective to leave them with something to remind them why they should hire you!

Dress appropriately. If you have any questions about what’s appropriate, dress up. Being overdressed is a lot easier to forgive than being under dressed. Not to mention, it shows that you are responsible and that you care about the job opening. First impressions are important, take advantage of yours.

Be optimistic. When an employer decides to hire you, they are making the decision that they want to (or are willing) to spend a good chunk of their time with you. You will never make a favorable impression with a poor attitude or by speaking negatively of a previous employer. If you get rejected, apply somewhere else. If you aren’t getting rejected, you’re not stretching yourself enough.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Have answers prepared for possible interview questions, and find a parent or friend to help you practice. The first time you should think about why you want to work somewhere should not be in the interview. You should already have a ready, true, and compelling reason. Practice makes perfect.

Make sure you ask questions as well. At the end of an interview, an employer will often times provide you with the opportunity to ask questions. Take advantage of this opportunity! It will make you sound intelligent, engaged, and you’ll learn something too!