Improving Yourself: The Importance of Gaining New Skills

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Many people think that once they leave school, there is no going back. However, it is important to remember that you can always work on improving yourself and gaining knowledge. Most often, the motivation to do so comes from the desire to make a career change or to move up on the career ladder. If you are interested in bettering yourself, distance learning is a great option and allows people to gain qualifications even while dealing with hectic schedules.

Taking classes as an adult is beneficial in many ways. Because you do not have to participate in adult education courses, you can choose what you like and what you think will further your career. This helps you to stay invested in what you are doing. The information below touches on how gaining new skills can make a positive difference for you.

Improving Your Resume

Any new skills and knowledge that you gain can be listed to your resume, which is a great way to gain the attention of prospective employers. Going back to school shows that you are motivated to learn and grow, which are characteristics that employers hold in high regard.

Preparing for Change

Most people do not hold the same job for the duration of their working lives. Sometimes, the jobs that you hold will be similar to one another. More often, however, you will have to move to a completely new career path if you want to continue on the road to success. When that happens, seeking out a new skill that will benefit you in your job helps show that you are ready and willing to work hard at your new career. Taking new courses can help broaden your chances of gaining a higher salary. For example, a construction worker taking an top level IOSH course or qualification is going to stand a greater chance of getting a job than someone without the training.
When applying for a job, you may have to show that you have certain education and experience. Still, studies indicate that a fair number of employers would be willing to hire someone that did not have experience in the job as long as they had some related skills. Therefore, if you want to forge a new career path, think about continuing your education in a way that would benefit you going forward.

Pursuing Certain Careers

There are jobs where you must demonstrate certain skills in order to be hired. Both IT positions and financial positions come to mind. Home Learning College did a survey where just over a third of adults in Britain indicated that a vocational qualification was required of them when landing
their job. Just under half of all organizations said that their employees had to meet certain qualifications if they want to advance in their careers.

As you think about what you want to do with your life, it is important to figure out what qualifications are necessary in your chosen field. You may be able to improve your standing by going to school part time, such that you do not have any trouble moving into a field that you are interested in.

Making More Money

If you want to earn more, vocational study can help. A study out of the University of Sheffield indicates that vocational qualifications have a large impact on salary. The difference can be as low as five percent or as high as 23 percent. Further, Home Learning College conducted a survey where more than a quarter of participants stated that learning a new skill was directly related to their increase in salary or job promotion.

Feeling Valued and Secure

Learning a new skill can help you feel better about yourself. In addition, you may find that you can talk more knowledgeably with your coworkers or demonstrate additional proficiency to your boss.