How to Make Money on Facebook

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To many people, Facebook is just a platform for connecting with family, friends and coworkers. But this social networking site is more than that, as it can also be used as a moneymaking tool. Here are some pieces of information you can use on how to make money on Facebook.

How is moneymaking possible on Facebook?

One of the secrets to making money off Facebook lies in having a thriving fan page on the site. However, having such a page requires you to have done your homework well. Care must be taken in your choice of niche. You should be passionate about the topic your fan page will be about, as lack of this quality will make it hard for you to regularly update your Facebook fan page with relevant content. The ideal niche should be one that can attract significant number of fans, majority of whom should not be teens. Your page should target people who can easily take money out for purchases.

Creating a Facebook fan page

Head to and click on “Create Page” to create your own fan page. Then go ahead to fill the necessary information in the forms you are presented with. The information you provide will depend on the category of your page. You want to ensure you have a good and attractive cover image for the fan page – a designer may be hired for this purpose if you are not able to use image-editing tools to do this on your own. With your page set up, it is time to start posting niche-related content.

Getting fans to your page

It is the fans you have for your Facebook page that will determine how well you fare in your quest to make money. Before you start sending out the invites, you want to ensure you already have some relevant posts – texts, photos, links or videos – published on your Facebook page. You can start inviting friends and coworkers after ensuring this. Facebook ads can be used to drive the perfect audience to your page. These ads are especially useful in that they enable you target the right demographic, location and other qualities of desired fans. It is advisable to steer clear of those offering to drive thousands of fans to your page on sites such as Fiverr for pennies because such fans are usually fake and useless. Contests can also be used to build your fan base – it’s natural for people’s interest to be roused by offer of prizes. Another way you can get more fans for your page is by arranging or paying for your page to be promoted on other pages with large following. It is important for your content to be useful and relevant to retain people on your page.

Making money off your fan page

You can monetize your Facebook fan page in a variety of ways. One of these is by offering or promoting relevant products for sale via the fan page. You may also go the way of CPA offers. These offers pay you based on different criteria, including on the basis of lead generation, email submission and credit card information submission, amongst others. If you have a huge fan base, you can allow other fan pages to be promoted on your page in return for payment. The possibilities for making money with your Facebook fan page do not end there. You could actually link the page to your blog, create an email subscription list on the latter and use the email addresses to send affiliate offers your subscribers might be interested in.

You can see that it is pretty easy to make money on Facebook. However, you should be ready to spend some money on promoting your page, at least at the beginning.

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