How to Find a Seasonal Winter Job

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With Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays around the corner, we are into that period when many people are interested in how to find a seasonal winter job. Seasonal jobs, by definition, are jobs that last for a short period of time. They constitute good means for companies to temporarily add to their staff strength during peak seasons. While a seasonal job may appear unattractive by their description, it could actually be helpful in helping you land a permanent position, and the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas is replete with such jobs. If you are interested in having one, here is how to find a seasonal winter job.

Winter Jobs on

Where to Look

In order to find a seasonal winter job, it is important to know the right places to look for what you want. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are peak periods for retail businesses. It is, therefore, understandable that retailers such as Wal-Mart, Toys “R” Us and Macy’s usually try to add extra hands to help handle orders at this time. These businesses each add several thousands of temporary employees for positions such as attendants, gift wrappers and security guards, amongst others.

The boost in online sales during winter also means good business for delivery companies such as FedEx and UPS. Numerous deliveries will have to be made from different online retailers to homes. Several tens of thousands package deliverers are provided seasonal jobs during this period by delivery companies.

The hospitality industry is also a good source of seasonal winter jobs. Hotels, resorts and holiday destinations witness a surge in patrons during the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas, extending to New Year. Hotels and resorts, on average, increase the strength of some positions by at least 100 percent in peak seasons, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. If there is a particular place you’d love to go on vacation, a seasonal job in such a place could give you a means of being there and getting paid for it as well.

Miscellaneous Tips

Here are few more points you need to pay attention to when looking to find a seasonal winter job:

* You may want to pay attention to availability of a seasonal winter job at your favorite store. This saves time and may help you enjoy discounts.

* Wherever you desire to work during the holidays, it is important to get your application in on time to avoid the late rush for positions that occur when the holidays are on.

* It is also helpful to be flexible with the kind of work you are willing to do. After all, it may not last for more than a short period of time. You should also be aware that some jobs may require you to sacrifice your convenience to an extent, in terms of working hours.

With this information on how to find a seasonal winter job, you are on your way to landing what could possibly end in a fulltime job. The experience you gain also matter, even if you are not offered a permanent position.

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