How to Become a Tutor

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The benefits of becoming a tutor are not just about the opportunity to make money. Tutoring helps you to have positive influence on another, perhaps, younger, person. It makes it possible for you to enhance your own knowledge level at the same time. But how do you become a tutor and how do you get a job as one? You can find the answers to these questions and more in this post.

Becoming a tutor

The very first step you want to take when looking to become a tutor is to determine specific areas or subjects you are very good at. It is likely you have several subjects you can teach, but it is advisable to ensure you select those ones you can tutor very well, even without previous notice.

A high school diploma is enough in some cases to work as a tutor. But if you wish to do so in a school, you may be required to have spent two years in college, possess an associate’s degree or passed a local or state assessment. There are organizations that offer certification programs for would-be-tutors as well. These include:

• College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA)
• National Tutoring Association
• Association for the Tutoring Profession
International Tutoring Association
• American Tutoring Association

You should research these organizations well if looking to become a certified tutor. Certification should still be considered even when it is not mandatory to have one since it improves your chances of landing better-paying jobs. It should be noted that it may be required of you to have tutoring experience to be certified. This can be had by working as a private tutor, in a tutoring center or by volunteering.

Resume making

Your resume has a role to play in your ability to get a job – it can make or mar your chances. The right resume should highlight your passion for teaching and commitment to students’ learning and success in the objective or career summary. You also want to make sure that your educational qualifications and certifications are listed as high as possible in the resume. Relevant experience, even internship and volunteering experience, and important accomplishments should be highlighted. Good interpersonal, communication, computer and organizational skills are essential for a tutor, so you want to ensure you mention those if you possess them.

Putting yourself out there

You can employ different methods to get jobs as a tutor. These include:

  • Informing friends, family members and neighbors of your qualifications and availability.
  • Posting flyers on local bulletin boards, listing subjects you can tutor and experience along with your contact information.
  • Using free online ads websites such as Craigslist and Yahoo Local. You can also advertise your services using tutor listing websites.
  • Sending letters to schools. You can apply for tutoring or teaching assistant positions in schools. Some schools do keep a list of private tutors for students – you can apply to be included in the list of their private tutors.

You may as well explore other avenues like newspapers ads and Yellow pages listing, but these are more expensive and may be less productive in getting clients.

A high school diploma may suffice for you to become a tutor. But it is advisable to consider getting certified to improve your chances of securing better jobs.