How to Become a Model

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Many people, especially teenagers, are interested in knowing how to become a model. The glamor, fame and opulent lifestyle enjoyed by figures such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are the top reasons people are usually interested in modeling. The good thing is that almost anybody can become a model since there are different kinds. If you are considering modeling, here are tips you can use on how to become a teen model.

Work on your model look

The way you look determines to a great extent your chances of being able to work. Someone aspiring to become a model needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should eat healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Effort should be made to drink good amount of water daily. You should make endeavor to significantly cut down on fatty foods and sugars. Exfoliate weekly and wash your face both in the mornings and at nights. Workouts supervised by a model-centric trainer are also recommended.

Determine your preferred modeling type

There are different kinds of modeling you can engage in, so you have the option of choosing what works for you. The following are some kinds of models you can become:

• Runway
• Promotional
• Print
• Plus-size model
• Underwear model
• Trade-show

Of the different kinds of modeling, only runway modeling requires you be at least 5’9″ (for female) and 5’11” (for male) to become a model. You may be able to become other kinds of model with a slightly shorter height. Your chances for success are improved the more the types of modeling you are willing to take up.

Build your portfolio

Now that you have decided on the type of modeling you are open for, it is time to put together a portfolio to help you land the jobs. You should take some nice snapshots of yourself. The ideal photos should be those that portray you without excessive make-up; it is better to do without make-ups. Full-length, profile and head shots are recommended. You may want to enlist the services of a professional photographer to take snapshots that can get you that call. The photos in your portfolio need not be numerous. It is better to keep them few and quality. You should also note your measurement and stats, including height, weight, dress and show size as well as hip, waist and chest measurements. You should also improve your portfolio as you have more shots from jobs.

Find a modeling agency

With your portfolio ready, it is time to find the right modeling agency for you. It is pertinent to note that modeling agencies cater to different kinds of models. Therefore, it is advisable to look specifically for the agency that supports your chosen area(s). A simple search online will throw up many agencies. While many of these agencies may not be styled as teen modeling agencies, a good number of them work with teen models. You can check the following agency websites for teen modeling opportunities:

There are numerous modeling agencies online, but many of these internet modeling websites are scams. If you are asked to part with hundreds of dollars upfront for one reason or the other, you are probably dealing with a fraudulent agency. You should not agree to upfront fees, especially if such is more than $20. Modeling agencies get compensated with a proportion of what you earn as a model.

The information present above should help you in your drive to become a model. You should be prepared for rejection – it’s part of the game, especially when just starting out.

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