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A career in hospitality and tourism could be a very exciting one. In addition to the fact that many jobs in this industry offers you opportunity to meet many exciting people, they also enable you enjoy certain services that others will need to pay for free of charge. You are especially going to enjoy a career in hospitality and tourism if you find it easy relating with people. In this piece, we provide you an overview of this industry as well as some jobs you can find in it.

Industry Overview

The hospitality and tourism industry is made up of several sectors that are mainly associated with leisure. These include lodging (such as hotels and resorts), tourist destinations, restaurants and commercial food service, event planning, cruise lines, airlines and other forms of transportation. Tourism, which is described as travel for recreation or leisure, is quite popular across the globe today and constitutes a significant source of income for many countries. The industry suffered a significant slowdown during the Great Recession of the late 2000s, but things have since picked up. In 2012, international tourist arrivals surpassed the one billion mark, with China becoming the global leader in terms of spending in international tourism.

The hospitality industry was supposedly worth $6.80 trillion in 2013 and this is predicted to grow at a rate of 4.2 percent through year 2022. Hospitality and tourism industry jobs account for about 10 percent of global jobs – that is quite significant! The total number of these jobs is expected to increase by around 10 percent between 2013 and 2024. Job security is covered in the industry which is said to have the highest growth potential of any industry.

Jobs in Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and tourism industry offers many exciting career opportunities in diverse areas, ranging from sales to hotel management and human resources. Here are sample jobs to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Flight attendant – Also called a cabin crew job, this position is one of the most glamorous one in travel and tourism. Your job entails seeing to the welfare of passengers on flights. Working as an airline flight attendant allows you visit many great places across the world free of charge and experience new cultures. You could also meet a good number of popular individuals while on the job.

Waiting staff – You have the option of working in a restaurant or bar, depending on your age. Millions of people work in food service in the United States. Pay for this kind of jobs may be somewhat low, but occasional tips can push your earnings up.

Tour guide – Do you live in the proximity of a popular tourist destination and have a good knowledge of the area? You could serve as a guide to tourists, taking them to must-see places. In addition to making decent pay, you could end up making some great friends in the process as well.

The following are some job titles you may also come across in the hospitality and tourism industry:

* Amusement park attendant
* Information clerk
* Concierge
* Support
* Taxi driver or chauffeur
* Sales or marketing assistant
* Baggage porter
* Hotel reservations agent
* Busser
* Dishwasher
* Events manager
* Travel agent
* Room attendant
* Housekeeper

There are many more jobs you can find on job boards and search engines such as

In the past, experience was the most important requirement to work in hospitality and tourism industry. You may need relevant educational qualification as well these days. Most importantly, you must possess great customer skills to flourish in many available positions.