Holding a Job and Going To School

Category : College

During the school year it seems like you have no time for anything, let alone a job. However, you also need money to support your social life and other. There are some jobs that are conducive to a busy school year, will give you flexibility, and give you extra spending money.

Between school, homework, and extra curricular activities, the months between September and June seem to leave you little time for anything else. But, how are you supposed to afford going to the movies, bowling, or grabbing lunch with friends if you do not have a job that puts extra money in your pocket? Luckily, there are some jobs that are perfect for this, which you can easily find right in your town.

  • Babysitter: Babysitting is one of the most flexible jobs out there and although it can be very difficult at times you can also get lucky and have an easy few hours of making good money. Babysitters are in high demand and high school students are the perfect candidates. Some parents may want to set up a regular schedule if they need someone to watch their kids while they are at work, or have a regular appointment, or a regular date night. Otherwise, the babysitting gigs will be sporadic, maybe a night or afternoon here or there. Each situation varies depending on the family, the number of kids, and the age of kids. If you are babysitting for a newborn, they will most likely be sleeping while you are there, as the parents want someone around just in case the baby wakes up. If you are babysitting for kids a little older, they are probably wilder as they are more curious and can walk. But this can also be fun as you get to play with them and get a little exercise chasing them around. Older kids are more independent so your responsibilities may only include preparing meals, helping with homework, and keeping them out of trouble. Babysitting is flexible because it is not always consistent so you have some free time, and if you are asked to baby sit but you are busy, you can say no. If your friends also baby sit you can work out a network where you refer each other.


  • Waiter: Waiting tables is a demanding job that can teach you a lot about responsibility, organization, and people skills. It requires a lot of patience and can be difficult but is also a lot of fun, flexible, and a great way to make money. As a waiter you meet a lot of people, both co-workers and customers. A bond is quickly formed between the other staff in a restaurant since you all have this job in common. The hourly pay for a waiter is very low which is why you depend on tips for most, if not all, of your pay. The friendlier you are and the better the service you provide is, the more your guests will tip you. When you begin a job as a waiter you tell them what your availability is during the week, so that they will not assign you a shift when you have school, sports, or another activity. You can work as little as once a week or as much as everyday, depending on your schedule and how many shifts you want.

These are just two jobs that are perfect to have during the school year. They are fun, flexible, diverse, and provide you with extra money for your social life.