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The calls for going green have been growing increasingly louder in recent years in a bid to save our planet and its people from the bad choices being made by some economic actors. Many people are now taking interest in greener, more sustainable way of doing things, with this leading to new green jobs being created along the way. The green technology industry is benefiting as more jobs become available, offering highly attractive salaries. This post examines the green technology sector as well as some job titles you can expect to find.

Green Technology Economy

Progress is being made in the sphere of green technology as more and more businesses start to adopt it – at least, to give off the image of an environmentally responsible entity. In June 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released a report showing around three in four businesses stated they had used at least one green technology or practice in August of 2011. These technologies or practices were mostly aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and cutting down on wastes.

The BLS reported that almost 855,000 workers were engaged at least half of their working time in green technology-related tasks in August in 2011. A BlueGreen Alliance report also showed that over half a million green technology jobs were added in California in the period 2003-2010, even with recession in progress. For example, when overall employment in California dropped by about seven percent in 2010, green manufacturing jobs rose slightly by one percent.

While the jobs created in green technology might not be considered by some as quite significant, the number of opportunities is expected to rise significantly in the years ahead. The American Solar Energy Society predicts green energy jobs to rise to around 37 million by 2030. These jobs are also among the best paid at an estimated average salary of about $44,000, significantly higher than the overall average salary for workers in the U.S.

Green Tech Jobs

Working in green technology often does not require another college degree; your present skills may be transferable as is to the sector. Some jobs might require you to be retrained, but these trainings do not usually take significant amount of time. New job titles are emerging almost all the time. Here are some of the job titles you should expect in green technology:

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These are only few of the green technology jobs you can aspire too; there are several more. Additional ones are being added as the days go by.

When looking to work in green technology industry, you will do well to find out more about the requirements for whatever jobs you have in mind. Study the job descriptions careful before determining its suitability to your person. While green technology jobs might appear highly technical, some administrative and support roles are equally available.

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