First Jobs For Teens

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Where to start looking for jobs

When you’re a teenager you begin to realize that money indeed does make the world go round and unfortunately it doesn’t grow on trees. When this realization sinks is when you may want to consider looking for a job. Your first job doesn’t have to be anything glamorous. In fact, you should take advantage of the fact that you can try whatever occupation out. When you’re 35 working at a fast-food restaurant may not be as socially acceptable. When you’re young the job market is at your fingertips and you can be as unfocused as you like.

What to look for

When you start looking for a job you can make some decisions. Do you want it to be part time or full time? What kind of time do you have to dedicate towards this new job? What are you interests? Do you want to work alone or do you want it to be a social job? What kind of ambient would you like to be working in (indoor or outdoor). Once you begin to answer these questions you can make a more education decision about where to begin your job search.


For many teenagers a great first job is a lifeguard. First of all, you mainly work in the summer (depending where in the U.S. you live) so it won’t interfere with school. Also, it’s a social job that’s fun as well as pays money, so it’ll begin to acclimate you to a working environment. Second, you learn valuable lessons and have to get certified in order to begin. This of course means investing a certain amount of money before beginning, but you’ll make it back and be certified for years. Plus, life-saving techniques are great skills you’ll be able to use even outside the job. In many cases you’ll be better prepared for other jobs if you have that kind of certification. A lifeguard job is also one where you have the opportunity to work year round. If you like the job, just about every hotel has an indoor pool that needs lifeguards. Big recreational clubs usually also have pools that are always in need of people to watch over the area.

Camp Jobs

Another great job is working as a camp counselor. Again, it’s a job that takes place over the summer but can give you working skills you’ll use for the rest of your life. There are many opportunities to get to know your community while working at camps. You have to learn to be patient with children and even more patient with their parents. You get to spend your time outdoors, which are also skills you’ll use in later life. Not many people are so fortunate to have jobs where they can enjoy the great outdoors. It’s a great idea to take advantage of that while you’re younger and see where you can develop a personal occupation from there. Even if it’s not something you want to do in the future, it’s fun and it’s a great way to save some bills.

When you realize you’d like some extra pocket change start looking into these fun and active jobs. They can help you save money and give your summers some direction.

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