Email Correspondance with Teens

Category : Job Search

Unfortunately, doesn’t yet have jobs listings nationwide so there are lots of teens (and their parents) who email us asking for us to find them jobs. We’re happy to help and flattered that people come to us to find their first job.

Below is a sample of the type of emails we get, what do you think?


My name is Amy. I am seventeen years old and I live in Hampton, VA. I was directed to your web site from and I am writing because my area was not listed. Where I live the only jobs for sixteen and seventeen year olds are in fast food restaurants or a supermarket, so as you can see theres not much to choose from. A lot of the retail stores and telemarketing corporations moved the ages up from seventeen to eighteen because of problems with past teenage employees. But with a lot of the retail and telemarketing jobs you have to have at least three years of customer service experience. And many teens dont want to stay at a supermarket or fast food restaurant longer than we have to before we can get a better job. I, like most graduating seniors will be going off to college and many of us wont be 18 when we get there and we need help to find jobs other than fast food and grocery. So, please look the Hampton Roads area up and see what you can do to fix our problem.

Thank You,


I responded

Hi Amy –

We are currently working on going national, and hope to have job listings in Virginia and the rest of the country by the end of April. I appreciate your interest in and hope that you continue to check out our website. Have you seen our job advice for teens section? I think it, particularly our resume builder, can be a big help to you and your friends even if we don’t have listings in Virginia yet.

I have to say that I understand the difficulties you face, because teens across the problem have the same issues. While fast food is not ideal it is a great way to start working, other good places are country clubs, camps, and pools. Just keep applying!

We are working hard on trying to grow, and would really appreciate if you could pass on to your friends and family.

Best and thanks,