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Data entry jobs are probably one of the easiest jobs to do, especially in terms of experience and skill requirements. A significant rise in this type of jobs has been witnessed over the last two decades or so with soaring use of the Internet. More and more companies now outsource their data entry needs to cut costs, while an increasing number of people continue to develop interest in working from home. This piece should provide you with all the information you need on data entry jobs, if you have interest in doing them.

About Data Entry Jobs

A typical data entry jobs involve extracting written information from diverse sources and entering same into a computer database or business application. These jobs can be done in an office setting or at home and both forms of the jobs can be searched and applied for online. These jobs are available in many areas, including healthcare, accounting, marketing, banking, mortgage and human resources, with each of these areas requiring specific skills.


Ordinarily, data entry jobs do not have high qualification requirements. A high school diploma or its equivalent is sufficient educational qualification to get these jobs. You need good typing, computer and Internet use skills as well. It helps to be conversant with the use of office applications. More specialized skills will be required for some jobs such as accounting, medical billing and medical transcription jobs. Experience is not usually necessary to get data entry jobs, but at least one year work experience may be required in office settings and some specialized fields.

Finding Data Entry Jobs

There are different ways through which you can find a data entry job. You can approach some companies in your area to inquire about availability. If you are uncomfortable doing that, you may as well find these jobs online by visiting sites with offers of such jobs. Below are some of the places you can check out for data entry jobs:

You may as well search for “data entry jobs” on our Job Board.

Working Hours and Wages

The number of hours an average data entry operator can work varies based on several factors, including location, employer’s need and work setting. A worker in an office setting may expect to work up to eight hours a day. Online data entry jobs come on flexible schedule and the number of hours work will depend on availability of contracts.

Wages of data entry workers vary as well. Those working in an office setting earn more than online workers because of minimum wage legislation. Pay may be on a per-stroke, per-hour or per-word basis. While office data entry operators make an average of about $13 an hour, online jobs can pay workers as little as $2 per hour. Your skills and experience also determine how much you can earn.

Data entry jobs can help you take care of some bills and are relatively easy to perform with little or no experience required. But pay is somewhat around minimum wage level. Be wary of those companies promising huge and too-good-to-believe wages, as those are very likely to be scams.

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