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A Babysitting kit is basically a bag you take with you to babysitting jobs. It helps you stay organized and gives the kids you are watching something to look forward to. If you do this right your babysitting kit will help your jobs go more smoothly and it will help the kids you are watching pass the time without their parents more quickly and easily.

What to Put In A Babysitting Kit

Every kit will be different because every sitter will want some different stuff and the kids you watch will like some things more than others.

Here is the MFP recommended packing list for a babysitter kit:

  1. A simple first aid kit that can handle scrapes, slivers, and bug bites
  2. The Information For The Babysitter worksheet so that you have the information you need to do well at your job
  3. The Babysitter’s Report worksheet so that the parents know what happened while they were out
  4. Your Babysitters Journal so you can write down some basic information about the kids, parents, and job so that you remember later
  5. Board games that fit the kids you are watching
  6. Puzzles or puzzle books that fit the kids
  7. Story books that you can read to the kids
  8. Some simple craft supplies you can use to make crafts with the kids
  9. Coloring books with crayons or pens for older kids
  10. A few good quality toys such as toy cars, marbleworks, a doll, and other classics

How To Get Your Kit Together

Most of these items you already have around your house. If you need to get a few things (like a bag) visit the nearest Walmart, Target, or other discount retailer and pick them up. This is how Jeff build his. The benefit you get from being ready to keep kids safe and entertained will be well worth the money and the parents will want you back!

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