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Computer technology plays a vital role in the lives of an average person in today’s world. There is virtually no aspect of life that has not been impacted by it. The implication of this is that a career in computer technology promises to be highly rewarding. This piece addresses basically all you need to know about working in this lucrative industry.

Computer Technology Overview

Computer or information technology industry encompasses businesses involved in computer hardware and networking infrastructure design, software development, computer component manufacturing, and information technology services provision. Many may consider computer technology a relatively new phenomenon; it is not. The Antikythera mechanism, thought to be the earliest known mechanical analog computer, dates from around the start of the first century BC. But it was not until the early 1940s that electronic computers started to appear.

The first programmable computer in the world, the Zuse Z3, was completed in 1941. The world’s first electronic digital computer Colossus was created during the Second World War for decrypting messages sent by the Germans. The development of transistors at Bell Labs in the late 1940s further sped up the development of the industry. Fast forward to today and you see a completely transformed industry, which has been growing and is expected to continue that way for years to come. About 32 percent growth is projected by 2018.

Computer Technology Jobs

As noted previously, computer technology covers diverse sectors, including hardware and software development, networking, and IT services. Jobs to expect include:

Software developer – This is a professional who designs program and apps for computers and mobile devices. The job involves coding, designing and analyzing software and programs. Software developers work with programmers, designers and product managers.

Systems engineer – Those working in this role sees that computer systems and software in an average organization work as they should. System engineers develop, install, define and evaluate systems and software.

Database administrator – Organizations require experts who can help manage their databases effectively. This is where database administrators come in. They help install, maintain and secure databases. The job requires the holder to organize and manage data storage efficiently. You need to be a detail-oriented person to work as a database administrator.

There are several other job titles in computer technology. These include:

Computer Technology Career Appeal

One thing that may appeal to you about jobs in computer technology is that they are mostly for young people. The average age of professionals in the industry is lower in comparison to other industries. One reason for this is that the industry is relatively young. The number of skilled people available is still lower in relation to that required, meaning getting a job should not be overly difficult so long you possess the right skill set. Also, computer technology is among the industries that offer the best-paid careers. Jeff got his start in technology management after going to college to learn computer science.

Technical expertise is required to work in computer technology industry. Majority of those working in the industry possess a bachelor’s degree qualification or higher. Good problem solving and analytical skills will also be helpful to have a rewarding career in computer technology.