Companies That Hire High School Students

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The process of finding a job as a high school student can be cumbersome at times. Those groups of students below the age of 18 are faced with restrictions on the kind of jobs that they can take up and the number of hours they can work. As one of such students, it then becomes helpful for you to know what companies hire high school students. The information you require is here!

Companies Hiring High School Students

Restaurants, fast-food businesses, retailers, amusement and water parks, and movie theaters are the most common places where high school students can expect to find a job. These establishments are very open to young people. It should be noted that minimum age requirement differ among companies hiring high school students. Below are some of these companies whose typical minimum age requirements are in the bracket, 15-18:

This is a tiny fraction of companies that hire high school students. It is important to note that age limitations do vary from state to state. Also, it may also be required of you to get working papers, also known as Employment or Age Certificates, before you are allowed to work in some states, if you are younger than 18.

It could be quite frustrating when looking for a job as a high school student and you are faced with age limitations over and again. Your search will be more productive by focusing on companies that hire high school students. We hope you find the companies suggested above useful for your search.

Relevant Legal Information

Restrictions are common as to the type of work that teenagers can do. The Fair Labor Standards Act and relevant state laws stipulate the type of jobs teenagers can do. For those below 18, there are restrictions on the type of work that can be taken up and number of hours that can be worked. But you do not have to contend with any restrictions if you are at least 18 years old.

Work Online

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