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How to Make Money on Facebook

Category : Entrepreneurship

To many people, Facebook is just a platform for connecting with family, friends and coworkers. But this social networking site is more than that, as it can also be used as a moneymaking tool. Here are some pieces of information you can use on how to make money on Facebook.

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How to Start a Lawn Care Business

Category : Entrepreneurship

A well-tended lawn is a pride of every homeowner. Many homeowners who desire such, however, do not have the time to do what it takes to have one. This creates a good opportunity for moneymaking for others, especially young people, who are ready to help in that regard. You have probably seen one or two teenagers who are doing well in lawn care business and you are wondering how to start one. This piece gives you useful ideas on how to start a lawn care business of your own.

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How to Become a Millionaire

Category : Entrepreneurship Money

Becoming a millionaire is completely achievable and, in fact, its easy. Sure, it takes diligence and effort. The hard part is wanting it enough to be diligent rather than just saying that you want it. Let me show you how easy it is to become financially literate.

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Earn Money Making Websites

Category : Entrepreneurship

Want to do what I do? Want to make money while you sleep, eat, go to school, spend time with friends, and go on vacation? Well, I’ve learned that it is really straightforward, but it takes a lot of time, learning, and dedication. Let me show you how to get started making websites that make you money.

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How To Make Real Money With Virtual Reality

Category : Entrepreneurship

If you are thinking about making money through Virtual Reality than you are probably aware of the potential the industry has. You might have even read the Goldman Sach Report on Virtual Reality… In case you didn’t Goldman Sach project the VR market as a $120 Billion Dollar industry by 2020! That not even a decade away!

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Jobs For Teens

Starting a New Business: Advice for getting into the Towing and Recovery Industry

Towing and recovery companies are beneficial to many different people, including police officers, the public and other businesses. They take abandoned or broken down cars off the roads or away from parking lots and other public areas. These businesses can turn a profit, but you must know what you are doing and have the right equipment to complete the job. In addition, you must be passionate about your work and know how to get the word out about your company.

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Advice for Teenage Entrepreneurs

Category : Entrepreneurship

Myfirstpaycheck.com was created to help young people get jobs. We have job advice for teens, interview tips, a resume builder, etc. But the one thing we can’t help you with is changing an employers mind. What if he just wont hire someone younger than 16? We often get questions from younger teens about what they can do when they’re too young to land a ‘real job’ and we tell them to start their own businesses; mowing lawns, babysitting, or setting up lemonade stands.

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Should Girl Scouts Sell Online?

Category : Entrepreneurship

Kurt Soller asks in Newsweek, “by banning online sales, are the Girl Scouts failing our daughters?”  8-year-old Wild Freeborn became a Girl Scout earlier this year, and set out to sell 12,000 boxes of the organization’s cookies. As a smart and forward thinking kid she decided to use the internet to increase her sales.  With the help of her dad she posted a YouTube video, starring Freeborn in Girl Scout gear, touting her straightforward sales pitch. “Buy cookies! And they’re yummy!” and set up an online order system that was limited to customers within their local area (so Freeborn could personally deliver them). It worked, but she got in trouble because the organization has a longstanding prohibition of online sales.

I can understand the safety concerns, but the Girl Scouts (and every other youth group) have to be encouraging their kids to utilize the internet. What do you think? How important are internet skills to you?  Similarly, Anastasia points out on YPulse that Saving Journalism Should Begin In High Schools – is your high school teaching kids internet schools?

Middle Schoolers Making Money

Category : Entrepreneurship

Last year we wrote ‘Where Are The Snow Shovelers?’ in resonse to my grandmother’s post about the lack of teenage snow shovelers in her North Shore neigbhorhood.

Well, as you might have seen it snowed a lot on the east coast today and it seems like there were some teens out making money ($200 in one day? not bad) – maybe we gave up on teens too early?

But I’m Too Young! – Jobs for Younger Teens

Myfirstpaycheck.com was created to help young people get jobs. We have job advice for teens, interview tips, a resume builder, etc. But the one thing we cant help you with is changing an employers mind. What if he just wont hire someone younger than 16? He has that right, and most employers will not hire students that young. So what are the young and restless to do? Well, if nobody will hire you, hire yourselves!

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14 Easy-to-Start Summer Business Ideas for Teenagers

I found this list of 14 summer businesses on YoungEntrepreneur.com and wanted to share because I think they have some really good suggestions.

While we are always trying to get more job listings on myfirstpaycheck.com, sometimes you just cant find something that youre looking for, but it doesn’t mean give up. If you are looking for something to do this summer, maybe you can start your own business. The pay and hours will probably be even better than a retail or restaurant job.

1) Lawn Care / Landscaping

It’s a perfect seasonal business that can pay well and make you enough money to cover your expenses during the year. The startup costs are relatively low and you get to work outdoors. It can also be a repeat customer business for the next year.

2) Cleaning Service

People are always using the summer to clean out their garage and other rooms in the house. Offer your services to help customers organize themselves and haul away the garbage.

3) Dog Walker

If you love dogs and the outdoors, what better way to make some extra money and work on your tan? It could also give you a part time business for the rest of the year to earn cash on the side.

4) Car Washing

Everyone needs their car washed at some point in the summer and your startup costs involve a bucket, soap, and a few rags. Consider adding extra services in like detailing and interior cleaning.

5) Yard Sale Organizers

The start of summer also leads to countless yard sales around the country. Most people just want to get rid of their junk and don’t want to do the work. Offer to help them organize the yard sale and promote it for a fee or percentage of sales.

6) Sports Equipment Rentals

Rent bikes, scooters, rollerblades, and other summer-related sports equipment to people looking to have a day of fun. The startup costs are higher as you need to get the inventory but you can pick up used equipment for cheap to get you going.

7) Computer Helper

Are you a computer expert? If so why not offer your help out to people who aren’t? Many adults could use help in learning how to use their computer and the Internet. You could also help them solve specific problems and offer a maintenance package.

8) Window Cleaner

Another low cost idea is to become a window cleaner. With all the summer parties people throw they will need to have their houses looking in top shape – including the windows. Also look at commercial stores where they need clean windows to promote a professional appearance.

9) Sell on eBay

Starting an online business can take a while to turn a profit but with eBay you can get other people’s junk and sell it for an immediate return. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

10) Run Errands

With people being busier than ever and wanting to enjoy their summers as much as possible, why not offer to run errands for them? It can be as simple as picking up groceries, dropping off dry cleaning, and delivering packages. Also look to help seniors who aren’t as mobile and need help on a regular basis.

11) Offer Guided Tours

Do many tourists come to your city in the summer? Why not learn about your local history and offer guided tours? They could be simple walking tours or you could rent a bus to take customers around. People always spend more when they are on vacation so why not take advantage of the opportunity?

12) Cater Parties

Are you handy in the kitchen? Why not create a catering service and offer to supply food for all the summer parties that people hold? If you have a few friends who need some extra cash you can expand by also offering to serve the food in addition to making it.

13) Instructor / Tutor

What are you really good at that you can teach others? Can you help summer students in a particular school subject or teach people how to play the piano? You’ll get to do what you’re good at and love while making money at the same time.

14) Painting Service

Summer painting has paid for many college educations and can help you earn additional income. You’ll need to have some basic painting skills but your startup costs will be minimal. The customer will pay for the paint – you just need the brushes and tools.


If you want help getting started, reach out to Jeff. He is an entrepreneur and love helping teens and college students get started running their own business.