Can’t Find a Job This Summer? Buy a Plane Ticket

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If you haven’t noticed, the economy sucks and the job market is as dry as Arizona in the summertime. Normal jobs that teenagers used to be able to work in the summer are now filled by laid off adults and college graduates.  I myself am a recent college graduate and have friends who can’t even find work at McDonalds.  So if you haven’t noticed this by now you deserve a slap in the face. Wake up! Times are tough, but we all still need money. So what do you do? The answer to the above question really depends on who and where you are.  Some job markets have more opportunity then others.  For instance, if you are in Cape Cod, MA there is an influx of job opportunities there in the summertime due to the seasonal nature of business and tourism there.  But if you are in the suburbs of Philadelphia, you may not have the same opportunity. is a great resource for you to turn to in order to find out which areas still have jobs you can fill.

Years ago before I started my own company I took finding a good and lucrative job into my own hands and actually moved to Cape Cod, MA for my summer break.  I knew that during the summer there are countless opportunities there to find part or full-time work with great pay.  And it was in Cape Cod that I was inspired to start my own business, Sand Shack, which I now run full-time, and its products can be found in stores across the country.  Everything fell together when I took it into my own hands to find a job that was right and fun for me.  I lived well that summer, got a girlfriend (no longer with), and made a ton of money (for a teenager).

Ok, well not all of you can up and go to Cape Cod or any other seasonal tourist locale this summer, but I challenge you to think outside the box when looking for work.  Where do you have relatives living where you would like to work this summer? If you are old enough, and still in school, why don’t you and your friends rent a house this summer somewhere where you can all find jobs

There are opportunities out there, you are just going to have to look harder and exert more effort in pursuing the opportunities that are left.

You may even have to purchase a plane ticket.

Guest Post From Brian Linton is the founder and president of Sand Shack LLC. He has his own online video show and regularly writes about his entrepreneurial adventures and insights at