Discrimination doesn't have to be at your workplace

How Can I Help To Prevent Discrimination Within The Workplace?

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There are a number of different forms that discrimination in the workplace may take, including ethnic, religion, and race discrimination, as well as sexual harassment.  Whenever an employer fails to take the proper steps needed for preventing discrimination in the workplace, it can result in an uncomfortable company atmosphere and the employer may end up being liable in discrimination lawsuits.  All small business owners need to take the appropriate steps for preventing discrimination within the workplace, and to encourage cooperation and harmony among their employees.

Step 1

Find a business attorney to work with who is experienced with dealing with discrimination policies and get a discrimination procedures and policies manual developed for all of your employees.  Be sure that your manual is as comprehensive as possible and that all federal and state discrimination laws are followed.  Once a quarter, work with your attorney to get any necessary changes made to your manual.

Step 2

Get together with your management staff and review your manual.  Explain to all managers what your company’s policies are regarding discrimination.  Encourage questions from your managers, and have all of them sign a form that states they took your discrimination training and understand it.

Step 3

All employees should be required to review the discrimination procedures and policies manual and attend a mandatory training on discrimination within the workplace once per quarter. Every employee should be required to sign a form that states that they took your discrimination training and that they understand it.

Step 4

Equality and cooperation should be encouraged in the workplace through the creations of diverse departments and work groups throughout your company.

Step 5

Get a process set up where employees can report any discrimination they are experiencing to human resources.  It is very useful having a human resources professional who is experience with handling discrimination complaints, since a level of candidness is required that are not needed with other kinds of human resource issues.

Step 6

Inform managers of employees that have been mentioned in a discrimination complaint that this employee will need to answer the complaint.  Get a meeting scheduled that includes the accused employee, a human resources representative, and the manager.

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Step 7

Make a swift decision on the specific disciplinary action that needs to be taken regarding the discrimination complaint.  Make a note of this episode within the employee’s file.


Your managers should be encouraged to clamp down on any potential discrimination within the workplace.  Your managers’ actions can help to prevent discrimination a lot more than getting an official policy created can.