But I’m Too Young! – Jobs for Younger Teens

Myfirstpaycheck.com was created to help young people get jobs. We have job advice for teens, interview tips, a resume builder, etc. But the one thing we cant help you with is changing an employers mind. What if he just wont hire someone younger than 16? He has that right, and most employers will not hire students that young. So what are the young and restless to do? Well, if nobody will hire you, hire yourselves!

Do what I did, start your own business. It doesnt have to be a highfalutin website; you could start a landscaping company, or a babysitting service, or become a model. Get a couple of friends together and offer lawn-mowing or snow-shoveling. Or you could tutor even younger kids. If you cant get hired for a payed job, consider volunteer work. It is satisfying and contributory (to your community and your future resume). You can help out at religious school or at an homeless or animal shelter. People everywhere are looking for volunteers, and young people can fill that void (even 14 year olds!).