Building a Teen Resume For Your First Job

Category : Interviews , My First Job

Your first job is always a memorable one. Most kids start searching for those summer jobs early and are already working by the time they are teenagers. It can be hard trying to find the perfect job because as a kid you have so many other activities such as school, sports and extra curriculars. However, there are a lot of valuable lessons you can learn from your first job and build your resume. The best part is as a teenager you have room to look around and decide what job works with your schedule and is a fun way to make money.

The first job search is usually found by word of mouth or with the help of other friends who have some experience. Many times teenagers begin working over the summers in order to make some money while they don’t have the commitment of school. With a good employer you can hopefully find a way to work a part-time job into your school year as well. As a rule of thumb, when you go in for the interview process you should make your potential employer aware if you will or will not be able to consider continue working during the school year as well.

As a teenager searching for a job you need to be a little more flexible about what you are going to find. As you are just starting, you are on the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to pay and experience. No matter how smart and capable you are of the job, it’s hard to convince someone of your talent without any previous experience. That’s why in your first job you should be looking to build your resume and experience. A great way to do that is by beginning to write your resume even before you start your job. That way as you are completing tasks it’ll be fresh in your mind of all the new tools you are learning. You’ll be surprised by how many different little skills you learn that maybe later you wouldn’t even consider writing on your resume. For example, if you are using any sort of computer program that’s definitely experience you want to include. Even if it is only for helping customers to check out that is experience not everyone has had and the next time you are looking for a job it may be able to give you leverage over your competition.

It’s incredible how important that resume will be in later years when you are searching for another job. A well-written and organized resume can definitely get you the job over another potential candidate. Plus, you automatically are in a better place than with your first occupation because you have actually job experience. Even if your second choice of job has nothing to do with the first, any experience is always better than no experience at all. Take your first job for what it is and begin to build your resume as you go.