Babysitting Jobs For Teens

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When it comes to jobs for young people, babysitting is a regularly recurrent suggestion. Babysitting jobs for teens are worthy of consideration by any young person who is good with kids and looking to have a job that will help complement his or her increasingly inadequate allowance. Perhaps, you are already considering babysitting jobs for teens. If yes, here are tips on how to go about finding one.

Get certified

Adults looking for babysitters want to see that you are trained. Specifically, they want to see that you have completed a:

  • Babysitter Certification
  • Infant and Adult CPR Certification

Babysitting classes are offered by a wide variety of organizations, hospitals, and community education centers the link above is to a company that provides online certification options. CPR classes are offered at local hospitals, fire stations, and community organizations. Be sure to get a CPR certification that includes infant and child certification, since they are who you are taking the training for. You should take advantage of these inexpensive classes to boost your chances of landing a job. These classes not only enhance the chances of you getting a job, but also help you attract higher rates.

Promote yourself

Take a few minutes right now to create a profile on, one of the largest child care websites in the USA. If you stop reading right here and do just this one thing, you can be found by people in your area who are looking for a sitter.

Consider your schedule

It is good to be realistic from the outset about how well a babysitting job will fit into your regular schedule of tasks. If you are the overly active or busy type, it is highly possible that you will not make a good babysitter, unless there are activities you are willing to take out of your schedule to create a fixed period for your job.

Get experience

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. How true! Before you start applying for jobs, it is helpful to get babysitting experience. You probably have this already if you have younger ones. If not, you can reach out to family friends and neighbor, offering to babysit their children for free. You may also volunteer at programs that involve looking after kids.

Get help with recommendations

After taking classes and having some experience, you should reach out to people you know to inform them you are a trained babysitter and available for work. Your parents may assist by recommending you to friends and colleagues. Family members and neighbors should be contacted and informed of this, while you can also advertise your services on community boards. You can check out sites such as Sitter City and Care as well.

Think safety

It is advisable to let your parents know your every move when planning to meet potential employers for interviews. For child safety, you should envision different emergency situations and what you need to do in such – this is an area where training is especially helpful.

Make the right impression

You want to ensure you make the right impression on employers when meeting for the first time. This starts with arriving at the agreed venue on time. Let the family know early if you will be arriving late, with a good reason, but do not let this become a common occurrence with different possible employers. Dress smartly. When you meet families, ask questions about their children such as on their routines and allergies. You should ask to know where first aid kits and fire extinguishers are placed as well as what to do when a stranger shows up at the door. Avoid using swear words. All these will help you make a good impression as a top-notch babysitter.

Babysitting jobs for teens can be quite exciting to any teenager who loves being around kids. The tips provided above should help you in finding a good babysitting job to complement the allowance provided by your parents.

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