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8 Benefits of Doing a Summer Internship Abroad

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The benefits of taking on a summer internship or an overseas internship program are extensive. Not only will you gain the experience you need to carry out a full-time position, but your confidence will improve, you’ll build up your connections, and you may even land yourself a job if you really impress. However, simply showing your face every day is not enough. You need to ensure you make the most of your internship if you are to truly experience the benefits. Here are my top eight tips to help you do so:

Working in the park

  1. Record your experience throughout – You should take the time to record your experience while interning. You could keep a diary or write regular blog posts – the choice is yours. This is important for self-reflection and progression, yet it can also serve as a portfolio for potential future employers. But, remember to be careful with what you include so that you don’t breach any confidentiality agreements.
  2. Read the literature – Through my experience, there are many people that take on summer internship programs yet never read any related literature. They don’t pick up a book or read any blogs or articles to do with the industry. If you want to progress, you need to immerse yourself in the field you are interested in completely.
  3. Choose 1-2 skills you want to develop the most – You’re not going to become a master in your field overnight, and a lot of interns make the mistake of trying to develop as many skills as possible. Instead, focus on one or two key skills and hone these.
  4. Ask for a reference letter – You should always seek a reference letter from your internship placement. You will be able to use this reference letter when you apply for any jobs in the future, and it will validate that you are a good candidate for the position.
  5. Have a positive attitude – It is normal to feel apprehensive, nervous or even a little bit shy when you experience your first internship. After all, you’re taking a step into the unknown. But, it is important to have a positive attitude. You should be enthusiastic and willing to take on any task that is thrown your way, irrespective of how tedious it may seem.
  6. Network and socialize – When doing the summer internships abroad, the importance of networking and socializing cannot be undervalued. You will meet key individuals that can potentially grow your career. This is especially the case when you engage in an international internship, such as a London or Hong Kong internship from Elite Intern. Your contact book will become global, and this can really benefit you in the future.
  7. Be professional and stay focused on what you want to do – It is vital to remain professional and focused at all times. Don’t get distracted by your mobile phone or Facebook.
  8. Talk to your manager and ask for feedback – You will never be able to progress if you do not get a true reflection of your current performance. It is vital to talk to your manager so you can receive constructive criticism that will help you to continue to grow and improve.

Author Bio
Andrew Ho

Andrew Ho

Andrew is the Co-founder of Elite Intern, an international internship placement agency with our base in Hong Kong and operations in London, Shanghai and New York. Elite Intern’s internship program covers more than 20 industries and 5000 employers. It strives to offer students the top internships to advance their career and personal development.

How To Snag A Marketing Job

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A job in marketing can make for a great and very interesting career. Online marketing is growing consistently and with plenty of work in the field can make a great potential career path.

Here is what I believe should be done:

Apply for an internship

Have you noticed that most of the good positions require experience? Do you have any idea how to get some? Interning is your best solution. While you are in school, offer your services on a part-time basis, then apply for an internship right after you graduate. You can use this as a springboard to a full-time position.

Volunteer at non-profits

If you volunteer at a company that is a non-profit, you will have solid experience to add to your resume. While many non-profits offer internships that are unpaid, the chance to further your career is worth it according to UK marketing recruiter Spotlight Recruitment. Never mind the fact that it is for a great cause.


As the old saying suggests, it really is about who you know. Build your brand and it will offer you more chances to meet people that can give your career a jump start. I also think it would be smart to join industry associations and any associations that are related to the university you attended.

Learn to love social media

The newer generations are expected to have a firm grip on social media and all of the latest technology. Once an employee sees that you are adept at LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter blogs and online communities, you will see far more valuable to them. You can also use social media sites to look for jobs, get career advice and stay alert to any great opportunities. You never know when something will fall right into your lap. Here are some great online courses.

Do your homework

You should know which companies have programs for graduates. It is also a good idea to know which talent agencies help people that are in this particular field. You should focus on the type of work environments available (corporate, government, non-profit, etc) so you know which you are more suited for. Once you find a job that piques your interest, check your skills and interests to see if they fit the requirements. You should be aware of the products and services offered as well as any pertinent news when it comes to the companies you are interviewing with. Make sure that you showcase this knowledge in your cover letter and during your interview.

Write as much as you can

People in the marketing field rely on great writing skills to get by. Add well-written samples to your portfolio. Review a concert, write a letter to the editor or a paper. Start a newsletter or create a piece for a local journal. While you may not be published in a national magazine, this will help sharpen your skills. If you are in advertising, you should add to your portfolio every chance you get.

Proof your work

There should be no errors on your resume, cover letter or any other documentation you provide
to prospective employers. If you know English is not your strong suit, have someone else look it over for you.

Ask for assistance

If you are open with recruiters and companies, they are generally more receptive to any inquiries you have, and they will try their best to offer a useful response. Invite an HR person from a company you adore out for coffee. Let them know that you are interested in learning more about the company and you want to know how to move forward. This will help show that you are interested without having to deal with a formal interview just yet. While they may not be hiring right away, they may keep you in mind for the future. A lasting impression can help you snag the job you want. They may even be willing to refer you to others in the industry who have open positions.

Create a custom resume

You can tailor your experience for each job you are applying to. Let employers know how you can benefit their company. The opening paragraph should focus on the specific job you are interested in. There plenty of business in the resume area to help.

Show your passion

If you are offered an interview, show that you are different by expressing the passion you have for the industry and the specific job you are applying for. Always let them know that you are willing to learn and grow. In some cases, passion is a substitute for the experience that is required.

How To Get Started Working As A Self Employed Courier

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You will need to contact these companies, by phone, letter or you can visit them in person if you prefer. You will need to be listed as a self-employed courier by the courier company.

A good starting point would be to use Thomson Local or the Yellow Pages to search for local courier companies.
Getting regular work with these types of companies may take some time. However, you should sign up with as many as you can and do a good job on the assignments that you do get. If you do that, regular work will eventually come to you. Assuming that you are reliable, there will always be plenty of work available to you since these types of companies heavily rely on freelance couriers.

We recommend that you have a business card that you carry with you, to either hand out in person to ensure your personal details are on file or to post to companies. The card should include your name, contact phone number and the hours you prefer to work. You may want to include a letter as well that contains a little more information.
I you haven’t heard back in a few weeks, get in touch with the companies again to stay on their radar screen.

Smart and Professional

We shouldn’t even have to mention this, but it is very important to have a smart and professional appearance at all times. Many of the deliveries you will be making will be to professional clients, which is why a freelance courier service is needed. In order to properly represent the courier company you need to keep your appearance up.
The courier company you are working for will make note of your appearance. If it isn’t up to their professional standards, your work will be given to couriers with a smarter appearance instead of you.


Time is money, when you are out on the road. Invest in a smart phone or Sat Nav with GPS to ensure you are aware of congestion or traffic jams out on the road.
If you end up caught in traffic, out of common courtesy you should let your destination know if any changes need to be made to your schedule time of arrival. This is how a professional should be behave and your clients will definitely appreciate being kept informed. They will also be much more likely to be understanding than if you just show up late with several excuses.

Keep in mind that spending time in traffic jams is lost money since you could have potentially picked up additional jobs during the early evening or afternoon.

Administration and Bookkeeping

We recommend that you set aside some time for tracking your client list and invoices every other day. You can either use a paper and pen or computer tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Office.

Additionally, as a self-employed courier, ensuring you have courier insurance of some sort is also important – especially when on the road commercially.

As a self-employed courier, it is very important to keep up with your administrative work and invoices. Once you start to receive regular work, it can be quite easy to get carried away.

However, it is very important to keep track of which companies owe you money and how much. Staying up to date on your expenses will really benefit you, especially at tax time.

If you want help getting started, visit

Improving Yourself: The Importance of Gaining New Skills

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Many people think that once they leave school, there is no going back. However, it is important to remember that you can always work on improving yourself and gaining knowledge. Most often, the motivation to do so comes from the desire to make a career change or to move up on the career ladder. If you are interested in bettering yourself, distance learning is a great option and allows people to gain qualifications even while dealing with hectic schedules.

Taking classes as an adult is beneficial in many ways. Because you do not have to participate in adult education courses, you can choose what you like and what you think will further your career. This helps you to stay invested in what you are doing. The information below touches on how gaining new skills can make a positive difference for you.

Improving Your Resume

Any new skills and knowledge that you gain can be listed to your resume, which is a great way to gain the attention of prospective employers. Going back to school shows that you are motivated to learn and grow, which are characteristics that employers hold in high regard.

Preparing for Change

Most people do not hold the same job for the duration of their working lives. Sometimes, the jobs that you hold will be similar to one another. More often, however, you will have to move to a completely new career path if you want to continue on the road to success. When that happens, seeking out a new skill that will benefit you in your job helps show that you are ready and willing to work hard at your new career. Taking new courses can help broaden your chances of gaining a higher salary. For example, a construction worker taking an top level IOSH course or qualification is going to stand a greater chance of getting a job than someone without the training.
When applying for a job, you may have to show that you have certain education and experience. Still, studies indicate that a fair number of employers would be willing to hire someone that did not have experience in the job as long as they had some related skills. Therefore, if you want to forge a new career path, think about continuing your education in a way that would benefit you going forward.

Pursuing Certain Careers

There are jobs where you must demonstrate certain skills in order to be hired. Both IT positions and financial positions come to mind. Home Learning College did a survey where just over a third of adults in Britain indicated that a vocational qualification was required of them when landing
their job. Just under half of all organizations said that their employees had to meet certain qualifications if they want to advance in their careers.

As you think about what you want to do with your life, it is important to figure out what qualifications are necessary in your chosen field. You may be able to improve your standing by going to school part time, such that you do not have any trouble moving into a field that you are interested in.

Making More Money

If you want to earn more, vocational study can help. A study out of the University of Sheffield indicates that vocational qualifications have a large impact on salary. The difference can be as low as five percent or as high as 23 percent. Further, Home Learning College conducted a survey where more than a quarter of participants stated that learning a new skill was directly related to their increase in salary or job promotion.

Feeling Valued and Secure

Learning a new skill can help you feel better about yourself. In addition, you may find that you can talk more knowledgeably with your coworkers or demonstrate additional proficiency to your boss.

Kicking Off A Career In Musical Theater

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Modern pop culture is full of well-known and beloved songs that have their roots in musical theater. These tunes have vast appeal, and even listeners who never see a musical in their lives can recognize important songs like “The Sound of Music” or “Memory.”

This is not to say that musical theater itself is disregarded! Musical theater is a thriving industry, and every year sees millions of tickets for musicals sold. Competition for a place in this business is stiff, but breaking in is far from impossible. Here are some smart ways to improve your odds.

Take Lessons

Although your natural talents play a role in your success, no amount of innate skill can replace formal acting training. You’ll need proper voice lessons to develop the stamina and projection required for stage singing. It’s also an excellent idea to learn an instrument (the piano is a perennial favorite) to give you a better grasp of musical theory. This makes you a more intuitive and flexible performer. It doesn’t hurt to be able to play as well as sing and dance when you’re auditioning, either!

Study Yourself On Video

Observing your performance from the outside is a vital part of improving it. You can see potential flaws on tape that are impossible to detect while you’re performing. (This is especially true for dancing.) Having videos also makes it easier for you to solicit advice from friends and colleagues. Today good cameras are cheap, and digital technology makes it easy to make, edit, and share videos online.

Study At A College

If you’re really serious about getting into musical theater, why not make it part of your education? Speaking generally, conservatories are geared towards performance while colleges are more academic. While you’ll learn a great deal earning a degree in theatre or music from a college, going through a conservatory will mold you into an experienced performer. Which educational experiences line up with your goals will depend on just what you intend to accomplish, but formal education is tremendously helpful in any case.Try a provider of musical theatre courses like AMTA if this is what you want.

Build A Strong Portfolio

You should consider a resume and a collection of headshots available for auditions to be your absolute minimum portfolio. If possible, you should also take full advantage of online
opportunities to share your work. An informative website and active professional accounts on Twitter and Facebook will help. These are excellent places to post videos of your performances. Keep your sites and pages updated to reflect the ongoing work you’re doing. Remember that you can always separate your personal life from your professional persona to keep things clear.

These different things will help you on your way to musical theatre acting stardom and help you get more from your efforts and set foot on the big stage. It’s a great career and one that can make a notable difference to your life, while allowing you to do exactly what you want. So, take the above tips, use them and become a star of the stage.


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How to Become a Millionaire

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Becoming a millionaire is completely achievable and, in fact, its easy. Sure, it takes diligence and effort. The hard part is wanting it enough to be diligent rather than just saying that you want it. Let me show you how easy it is to become financially literate.

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Earn Money Making Websites

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Want to do what I do? Want to make money while you sleep, eat, go to school, spend time with friends, and go on vacation? Well, I’ve learned that it is really straightforward, but it takes a lot of time, learning, and dedication. Let me show you how to get started making websites that make you money.

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The Challenges of Managing Mobile Workspaces for Businesses

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As the internet continues to revolve inevitably the workforce will become far more mobile. We are already witnessing employees craving this flexibility and stepping away from the usual “9-5” momentum. Technology such as Google docs, Cloud hosting and Skype bridge the gap closer together.

The questions employers have to ask themselves “will the modern workplace be in a traditional office or at an employee’s home?” Unfortunately there is no simple answer.
If we take a look at Google’s plans for their new office in London due to be completed in the year 2016, the office space is out of this world. They will hold approximately one million square feet and it will house an indoor football pitch, an open-air swimming pool, a roof garden and a climbing wall. Who would want to work from home when they have all this in their workplace? Google are advertising this as an extension to their company culture.


Admittedly we don’t all have the budget to create the workplace of tomorrow, but fear not as there are plenty of humble ways to re-create the workspace of the future. If we think about it we have all seen how technology has changed the way we life but hard assets such as cars and offices have somehow remains stagnant over the years – it is time to change this.

Many companies understand the frustration of remote workers especially when they struggle to get access to adequate space, amenities and networking opportunities. This is why more and more companies are giving their remote employees the option to “hot desk”. Hot desking offers co-working spaces complete with on-site amenities such as meeting rooms, refreshments and printing facilities. It is a proven fact these hot desks inspire and benefit creativity, innovation and collaboration.

The type of worker suited for remote working

The target audience for remote working is someone that is tech savvy and is career focused. This will be more common when Generation Z (individuals aged 13-18) enter the workforce. Did you know that those considered Generation Z spend almost every waking hour on the internet? They are surrounding by social media and eat and breathe the internet.

Due to this mobile working will only grow in the upcoming years. In fact there are plenty of reports to suggest that the mobile workforce will grow to over 1.3 billion by the end of 2015. The reported figure by IDC was just over one billion in 2010.

We take a look at how employers can manage their mobile workspace and consider whether employers are ready for the future:


As an employer do you have the same mind-set of Google and consider your workplace to be an extension of your corporate ethos and strategy? Ericsson predicts that in the year 2020 there will be over 50 billion devices connected to the world wide web. Employers need to start thinking now how these connected devices will change the way we communicate and work and a company’s vision needs to be ready to welcome these changes. Alternative Networks showcase some of the services to look out for.


Employers need to change their mind-set and recognize that flexibility is not a perk but a strategy for success. Companies all over the world have witnessed how flexible working has improved motivation, efficiency levels and profit margins. Employees want to work for a company where they feel trusted and valued.

It is important to note that any change is corporate culture including changes in workspaces will require a set of policies and training guidelines. Any changes need to be communicated well in advance to allow time for employees to understand the changes and to ask any emerging questions they may have.

The ability to utilize flexible workspaces will also be based on the role they have. We have previously mentioned there are plenty of tools such as Google Docs and Cloud to enable employees to work from a remote destination but this would not enable a sales person or someone who has regular contact with clients to carry out their role effectively.

Employers must also consider the social aspects of remote workers. Lone workers as they are commonly referred to can feel isolated at times especially if they have no contact with other colleagues. It is important to get them involved with the company culture as much as possible.

As an employer how do you see your workspace evolving? Is it something you have yet to consider?

How To Make Real Money With Virtual Reality

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If you are thinking about making money through Virtual Reality than you are probably aware of the potential the industry has. You might have even read the Goldman Sach Report on Virtual Reality… In case you didn’t Goldman Sach project the VR market as a $120 Billion Dollar industry by 2020! That not even a decade away!

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Jobs For Teens

Starting a New Business: Advice for getting into the Towing and Recovery Industry

Towing and recovery companies are beneficial to many different people, including police officers, the public and other businesses. They take abandoned or broken down cars off the roads or away from parking lots and other public areas. These businesses can turn a profit, but you must know what you are doing and have the right equipment to complete the job. In addition, you must be passionate about your work and know how to get the word out about your company.

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How to Dress for a Job Interview

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When interviewing for a job, it is always important to dress your best. The first thing an interviewer will notice will be how you look and what you’re wearing. You want to give a great first impression. In today’s competitive job market, this has become especially important. From a survey done by on 2000 bosses, 65% said clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates. You need to show that it is you who deserves to be there.

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