About the ACT

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ACT Test Information

Most colleges require students to take a standardized exam as part of the admissions process; either the ACT or the SAT. While there are many similarities, as a curriculum-based test, the ACT test is more straightforward than the SAT, and you can take the ACT several times and choose which score to submit.

What’s On The ACT

The ACT has 4 tests: English, Reading, Math and Science, as well as, an optional 30 minute essay. Some schools may require the essay, so be sure to ask before you take the test. 

The weight placed on ACT scores varies from school to school. Other important factors that schools consider in their admissions decisions are your high school GPA, academic transcript, letters of recommendation, interviews, and personal essays.

For more specific information on the importance of ACT scores at the schools to which you are applying, contact the admissions offices at those schools.

When to Take The ACT

The ACT test is offered nationally every year in October, December, February, April, and June. It is also given in September in select cities. 

Students have traditionally taken the ACT in the spring of their junior year and, if necessary, again in the fall of their senior year. However, more and more students are choosing to take their first ACT earlier, such as during the fall of their junior year. This gives them more flexibility to retake the ACT test one or more times, or to take the SAT or SAT Subject Tests.

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