Warehouse Jobs

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Warehouses are of very high importance to a variety of entities in the society, especially business owners. They are used to hold goods until they are needed for use. And, of course, workers are needed in these warehouses to ensure things run smoothly. Interested in working in a warehouse? Read on to find out available jobs and some largest employers.

Types of Warehouse Jobs

With different tasks to be executed in warehouses, different positions will need to be filled to get them done. Warehouse jobs are usually divided into four categories, namely: skilled labor, general labor, administrative support, and management. Below are some of the jobs available in warehouses.

Forklift Operator – Heavy lifting and moving are usually to be done in warehouses. This is why forklifts are needed to make things easier. People are understandably needed to operate these forklifts. Forklift operators are trained people and often with license.

Shipping and Receiving Associates – These are general laborers in warehouses. The main duties of receiving associates include loading and unloading, counting and sorting of stock. Shipping associates are primarily responsible for preparing stock for delivery to users. Warehouse associates are expected to be physically fit, with heavy lifting, standing and walking integral parts of their jobs.

Order Filler – Individuals occupying this position ensure that orders are prepared on time. They get copies of customers’ orders and bring out relevant goods from where they are stored. This means order fillers need to know where items are stored and possibly their quantities at every time.

Inventory Control Clerk – This is a warehouse worker who monitors stock and ensures items are replenished as they are released. Scanning devices may have to be used to determine location of items and available quantities. An individual looking to work as an inventory control clerk needs to be computer literate and possibly with basic accounting knowledge.

Warehouse Manager – This is the individual who sees to the day-to-day running of a warehouse. Warehouse managers oversee every aspect of a warehouse, including receipt, storage, security, retrieval and quick dispatch as well as safety. Warehouse working experience, especially as an inventory control clerk, is helpful to becoming a warehouse manager. Customer care, motivation, transportation system planning and budget making skills are essential for an individual to qualify for this position.

Some Top Warehouse Employers

The list below includes some of the largest employers in warehousing. This will help you know where to look for warehouse jobs.

Some warehouse jobs require experience while others do not. Your best bet for finding such jobs are logistics and shipping companies, which are the largest employers in this areas.

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