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It has long been held that college education helps to improve the chances of someone making high income in their chosen careers. But sadly, college education does not appear to be for everyone anymore, as costs keep rising beyond the means of average students while there seem to be limited job opportunities available for graduates. These have combined to drive interest in vocational trades in recent years. But should you also consider a vocational trade career? Read on to learn more about vocational trades and available jobs for young people.

About Vocational Trades

In today’s labor market, many college graduates are finding it increasingly hard to land their dream jobs. This makes it hard to justify the several years and significant amount of money spent on earning a degree. But many people engaged in vocational trades are in hot demand across the country because of shortage created over the years by shift in preferences from vocational skills. While unemployment rate of young college graduates hover around 10 percent, employment opportunities for vocational trade workers in the construction is predicted to increase by almost two million jobs between 2012 and 2020.

In the past, vocational trades are considered fitting mostly for the less skilled or those with little technical knowledge. But today, a good number of vocational trade jobs are becoming more and more technical as the use of modern equipment becomes the norm. A certificate obtained from a two-year program in a technical college can easily open doors to well-paying jobs. Employers also have special interest in young people because of their intelligence and passion. Vocational jobs for teens can take the form of apprenticeships, internships or on-the-job training.

Sample Vocational Trade Jobs

Here are some vocational jobs you can do as a young person, although you may be required to be at least 18 years old.

Mason – This is a trades person who constructs fences, walls, walkways and other structures using concrete, bricks or natural stones.

Carpenter – One of the important vocational trade people in the construction industry, a carpenter takes care of woodwork such as door frames, rafters and stairways as well as installation of kitchen cabinets.

Glazier – This is a trades person whose duty it is to fit in glasses in different sections of a building, including windows and skylights. The main aim of a glazier’s work is to ensure sufficient natural light is supplied in a building.

Plumber – When a new building is being constructed, workers will be needed to lay necessary pipes for conducting liquids, including waste water. Such workers are called plumbers. They are also responsible for repairing damaged pipes.

Painter – This is a trades person who apply paint and coatings to new and existing structures.

Electrician – This type of worker carry out the installation and maintenance of electrical systems in homes and industrial settings.

Roofer – A building is not complete without a roof. A roofer or roofing contractor helps to install roofs on new buildings using different materials, including shingles and asphalt. He also carries out repairs on damaged roofs.

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These are just few of the numerous vocational trades that you can consider taking up. Welding, plastering, computer support, horticulture and building insulation are some of the other areas where you can get a vocational job. These jobs pay well also. For example, the average median salaries of construction workers have been estimated as high as $70,000.

Now that you know more, take a few minutes and find a vocational school that has the program you are interested in. This could be the gateway to a great new career!

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