Why Video Games Make You Sick

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Cybersickness on the other hand is a bit different. There is no movement while we play video games so it is a Visually Induced Motion Sickness.

As opposed to our cruise ship example, while playing a video game our eyes are detecting movement but are ears are telling us that there is no motion going on whatsoever. Our ears are telling the truth of course, we are sitting perfectly still on our couch or chair, yet our eyes are sensing motion and sometimes plenty of it!

Solutions to Cybersickness

As games have become better and better, they have managed to reduce cybersickness. And while VR Gaming is certainly making people ill again most console and pc games aren’t.

This is due to the fact that developers better understand Field OF View and Frames Refresh Rate Speed’s importance to avoid Cybersickness.

However there are some simple tricks you can apply to overcome Cybersickness while playing VR Games, and regular games. For instance you can chew Bubblegum while playing, or take a small break.

You may want to consider deactivating any camera shake effects that your game may have, or even get your eyes checked. If you usually feel nausea or suffer from headaches after playing you should highly consider getting your eyes check.

There is pretty good chance you suffer from poor eyesight and the effort of playing a game causes you to get headaches.


Image Credit Evil Erin