UK Airport Jobs

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Are you interested in an airport career in the United Kingdom? Most probably, that is why you are reading this post. Such a career does not only offer benefits of the pay, but also several others in different forms, including opportunity to meet new people that could be helpful to you at some time in the future. In this piece, we will provide you with ideas of where to look for UK airport jobs as well as some typical jobs that should be expected.

Where are most UK airport jobs to be found?

The UK boasts some of the busiest airports in the whole of Europe, and the world, with numerous millions of passengers taken to different destinations from the country every year. London is the world’s largest aviation hub in terms of passenger traffic – more than 133 million passengers travelled to and from here in 2011. This shows that the capital city boasts the most airport jobs in the country. Below are the leading airports in the UK which makes for great places to source for UK airport jobs.

London Heathrow Airport – This is the busiest and the largest airport in the UK. It is estimated to handle more than 70 million passengers every year.

London Gatwick Airport – Going by CAA statistics, this is UK’s second largest airport, trailing Heathrow Airport by a wide margin. Gatwick handled more than 35 million passengers in 2013. It is the described as the world’s busiest single-runway airport.

Manchester Airport – With over 20.7 million passengers handled in 2013, Manchester Airport is the third largest in the UK in terms of passenger traffic. It is the busiest UK airport outside of London.

London Stansted Airport – This is the fourth largest airport in the island country. More than 17.8 million passengers passed through its doors in 2013.

London Luton, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bristol and Newcastle airports are some of the leading airports in the country that should be given special attention when thinking about UK airport jobs.

Some UK airport jobs

There are different kinds of jobs you could land in one of the numerous airports scattered across the UK. And these jobs can easily be found on the Airport Career job board as they become available. Aside the regular jobs like airline pilots and flight attendants, you could also land the following positions, depending on your qualification:

* Security officer
* Baggage handler
* Driver
* Cleaner
* Reliability engineer
* Technical support engineer
* Flight support officer
* Customer service agent
* Customer service engineer
* Airport agent
* Project manager
* Bar worker
* Catering assistant

As can be seen from the above positions, UK airport jobs are spread across different areas, including security, engineering, retail, terminal operations, IT, marketing, planning and performance, finance and human resources, among others.

The first step towards getting the perfect UK airport jobs for you will be to determine your skills and competencies and then decide where they fit in the aviation industry. This will enable you get the maximum benefits of working in an interestingly varied and rewarding work setting. Usually, your work conditions and benefits will depend on the kind of job you manage to tie down.