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Our friend Jennie Withers, Author of ‘Hey Get a Job!‘ – an e-book of job tips for teens (available at heygetajob.com) sent us the following great guest post about how guidance counselors and teachers can help teenagers find jobs. What do you think? What other adults can you ask for help?

Counselors and teachers are working at your school because they want to help students. They even understand the importance of teens having a job and earning money. Counselors and teachers can prove to be valuable resources for teens in the job process.

* Your references on an application or attached to a resume have to be adults who are not related to you, and they have to be people who can discuss your work ethic. Since teens have little to no work experience, teachers, coaches, club advisors and counselors may be the only people in a position to talk about your work ethic. Keep in mind before you can use your teachers as a reference, you must ask them.

* School counselors are very well versed in the art of obtaining jobs, as are some teachers. Find those teachers who have job or career material in their curriculum. Some good places to start are classes related to Technical Writing, Careers, Life Skills, Teen Living, Home Economics or Vocational Technical programs. Language Arts teachers also make great proofreaders for applications and resumes.

* Counselors are very well connected to the business world. It’s part of their job to know what employers expect and the Youth Labor Laws employers must follow. Talk with them about openings in your area. On occasion, counselors will receive calls from businesses who are looking to hire teens. If your counselor doesn’t know about specific openings, they may have advice about where to look for available employment opportunities for teens.

In our current economy, it’s important to use all the resources available to you. Your teachers and counselors can help you reach your goal of becoming employed.

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