Summer Jobs for Teens Harder to Find

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Interesting article about the summer jobs search for teens in Jackson, Michigan where it seems to be harder to get jobs now because of the economy. I think the most important thing to take away from this article is this advice from Michael Neece, chief strategy officer at who said that teens tend to limit themselves to just retail and fast-food jobs. He added, more white-collar businesses, such as public relations and architectural firms, are looking for young interns eager to work in the industries.
Neese goes on to say, “Teens are often reluctant to contact these types of firms,” Neece said. “The reality is that they do have the skills. It’s just that they don’t even know they have them.” Neece also suggests young people look outside the local area for seasonal work if possible. They can also look into volunteer work or an unpaid internship to build experience if they cant land a paid job.

“They have more options than they realize,”  Neece said.

… could not have said it better myself, thanks!

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