Summer Jobs for Teenagers

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There are countless ways to find summer jobs when you are a teenager. Possibilities include everything from working online to mowing lawns to working retail to starting your career. Read on for some great ideas on how to get started on your search.

Online Jobs

There are many ways you can earn money online.

The power of the internet is its ability to connect people, and that includes people who need work done. You can start making money online today by going with any of these options.


While babysitting is fun remember that you are there to provide a safe place for the children you are watching. In return, you can make great money. Generally, parents look for sitters that have completed a training course that includes child First Aid and CPR. If you are interested in being a babysitter, nanny, or care giver, read our guide to becoming a babysitter or nanny.

Lawn Care, Mowing, and Gardening

This is a job that you can get going yourself. If you have a mower, gloves, and a wheelbarrow available then you can help your neighbors. Later, when you have a truck, you can service a larger area. You will learn a little marketing as you search for customer, diligence as you show that you are reliable, and accounting when the money comes in. Start by talking to your parents.


You have been in school for years now and you would be surprised how many parents in your community are willing to pay for what you know. Create some business cards, consider your availability, and ask for help from your parents to find other families in your neighborhood that might want some help tutoring their child.

Data Entry

Working from home and on your own schedule is convenient. There are many data entry jobs available online with pay varying by job and your skill level. Learn more about Data Entry jobs.


Giving back to others in need or in your communication is rewarding. For some students, this is part of receiving a diploma. Find out how best to Find a Volunteer Position.

Local Businesses

You might be able to find an office job filing things for your local church or other businesses, and it is often very easy to get a job in your neighborhood if you have been a customer somewhere for a long time. If you need a letter of recommendation, ask people who know you well and are adults to help you out, and remember that previous experience, like baby-sitting, counts when it comes to applying for a job.

Here are some ready-made searches for businesses in your area:

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